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Generous reward for shaggy dog

Posted by Bob G on 4/27/05 at 00:46 (173813)

A hobo, noting an advertisement in the paper for a large shaggy dog of a certain description, simultaneously noted a large shaggy dog of the same description sniffing at his shoes. Since the advertisement offered a generous reward, the hobo at once seized the dog and began to make his way to the address given in the ad.

When he finally reached his destination he rang the bell. A butler answered, and the hobo said, 'Here is the lost dog you advertised for.'

To which the butler replied with indignation, 'Not at all. When we said shaggy, we didn't mean THAT shaggy.'

Re: Generous reward for shaggy dog

Julie on 4/27/05 at 02:25 (173816)

Lovely joke, Bob. It must be the ultimate shaggy dog story. :)

Re: Generous reward for shaggy dog

Tina H on 4/27/05 at 07:01 (173819)

Cute, I'd take that shaggy dog!

Re: Generous reward for shaggy dog

JudyS on 4/27/05 at 22:59 (173863)

I don't get it........

Re: Generous reward for shaggy dog

Bob G on 4/28/05 at 00:30 (173865)

Well, you are right, my friend. I should have told the WHOLE story of all the adventures the hobo and the dog had on their way to their destination. But enough is enough...though I did have an unusual adventure myself this evening...

I entered a tavern which I found empty except for the bartender, who was playing chess with a dog (really!). The dog, watching the board intently, made his moves by grasping the particular chessman in his teeth. He wagged his tail wildly when he made a good move and, on occasion, would bark sharply to indicate 'Check!'

So I said, 'Hey, that's a smart dog you've got there.'

And the bartender answered me, 'Not so smart! I've beat him three times out of five so far.'