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Dwyer Osteotomy

Posted by milley on 4/27/05 at 10:11 (173825)

Can you explain to me how this is performed. The poditrisit says my heel is out of alignment and this is what is causing 90% of my problem.

Re: Dwyer Osteotomy

Dr. David S. Wander on 4/27/05 at 14:00 (173831)

The Dwyer osteotomy involves removing a wedge of bone from the body of the heel bone to realign the heel to help 'straighten' the foot when there is a deformity in the heel causing an angular deformity in the foot. This is not usually performed for heel pain or plantar fasciitis. You must provide more information regarding your complaints and symptoms. You also should be asking your doctor the same questions that you're asking here.

Re: Dwyer Osteotomy

Kevin B on 9/20/05 at 15:56 (183210)

I had a Dwyer Osteotomy a couple of years ago. I have very high arches and through repeated strains, tore my peroneal tendons. My doctors plan included fixing the tendons in addition to conducting a Dwyer Osteotomy in order to stabilize the foot. I have since fully recovered and have not had any sprains since my surgery date.

Re: Dwyer Osteotomy

Dave S on 8/02/09 at 18:35 (259316)


I also have high arches and have had multiple sprains and tears of the ligaments on the lateral side. I have had two Evans procedures- one on each foot. It is a non-anatomical repair and has not faired well. This has been an issue for over 25 years. I am in my mid 40's and saw a specialist last week. He is recommending the oteotomy, metatarsal realignment as well as rebuilding the ligaments with cadaver tendons deploying the Chrisman Snook method of repair.

I have yet to find anybody with a positive experience on the osteotomy.

Any additional information you can give me would certainly be welcome.


Dave S.