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sharpe stabing pain

Posted by Palina on 4/27/05 at 19:04 (173834)

I will give you all a brief up date . I have been diagnosed with heel spurs . I'm having surgery on May 5th . I have it in both feet . My right is the worst . I have been going to a Dr for 3 weeks now . I'm in so much pain I'v been takig a lot of pain pills . This started today . I have been having sharp stabing pain in my ankle right . It comes & goes . It does not mater what I'm doing at the time . I can be sitting in bed or staning or in bed . It atacks me out of nowhere . I have taken 10 alieves 4 tylenols its not helping the pain . Can you tell me what this is . Thank You

Re: sharpe stabing pain

John H on 4/29/05 at 12:04 (173925)

What kind of surgery are you having Palina? Generally speaking removing the heel spurs will not cure your problem. Heel spurs are a symptom and not a cause. Do not rush to surgery. Get a couple of more opinions before you so through what may be surgery that could make you worse. Heel Spurs is hardly a diagnosis. A lot of people have heel spurs with no pain and a lot have pain and no heel spurs. You need to read a lot more on this board and be prepared to ask a lot more quesitons as to exactly what kind of surgery you are having and how is it going to cure your problem. I think most Doctors will treat such problems conservately for at least 6 months before they even talk about surgery. You definitely need a diagnosis other than 'heelspurs' before you let somone cut on your foot.