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Help for steel toe boot wearers?

Posted by raeifo on 4/27/05 at 22:29 (173862)

I have to wear steel toed boots for my new job and I have arch problems. I am so sore by the end of the day I can barely walk. Any suggestions on how to break them in? Or help during the day? I am on my feet on cement floors all day!

Re: Help for steel toe boot wearers?

JoeA on 4/29/05 at 20:15 (173952)

Hi Raeifo.

First, make sure that its not a fit issue. Are your toes comfortable, are the boots binding anywhere? Assuming they are not, how does the foot bed look? Is it one of those boots like mine that is just hard as a rock and flat at the bottom so that it allows your foot to slide around? If its like that you better get some good full inserts to stick them in there. Try to get good ones with arch support and some extra heel padding. They might be more expensive than the cheapest ones. Try them and see how they feel.

In the PM ice your feet to give them a chance to recover.

Re: Help for steel toe boot wearers?

Donald L on 5/01/05 at 09:36 (174020)

Try some different boots. I wear steel toe boots all the time. They are well padded and quite comfortable apart from their weight, which is not that big a deal. I walk 6 miles plus with these with no problem. When I thought there should be something better for long walks and bought 'walking shoes' is when I gave myself PF. Part of the eventual recovery from PF was getting rid of the 'walking shoes' and buying a new pair of steel toe, steel shank boots with added arch supports.

Re: Help for steel toe boot wearers?

Ann M on 5/05/05 at 18:56 (174330)


I thought I saw steel toe boots at my local Z-Coil store. I wear the Freedoms for PF and love them. They help my back and I'm able to use my orthotics on top of the footbed.