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haglunds deformity,pump bump and spur

Posted by reneep on 4/28/05 at 18:22 (173884)

For over a year now I have had a pump bump on the back of my heel. The x-rays also show a spur right behind the pump bump. I also have haglunds deformity. I had PT but it did not help. I can't exercise or walk any distance because I need shoe support but can't stand anything touching the back of my heel. I went back to the DR today and she suggested 4%alcohol injections into the bump to avoid surgery. The surgery involves shaving or rounding the top hump off the top back of the deformity.

I also am flat footed and have arthritis in the tops of both feet! I couldn't ask for worse feet. What is your response to the above please?

Does this condition ever just go away?

Re: haglunds deformity,pump bump and spur

Dr. Zuckerman on 4/28/05 at 19:01 (173887)

I have used both local steriod injection and or the 4% alcohol treatments . They can and do work in alot of cases.
When the treatment fails I find in my hands a miminial incision technique whereby we reshape the outside of the heel with small instrumentation. There are NO casts, long incisions and or long disability. I have used this technique for over twenty years. Before you consider this surgical option try the injections with Silpos gel padding to protect the area. Also we need to examine your shoes . The heel counter may be too stiff. Good luck