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Recovery of Morton's Neuroma Surgery

Posted by cathie w on 4/28/05 at 19:33 (173898)

A stupid question maybe but why after surgery of removal of mortons neuroma do some doctors give you crutches and tell you no weight bearing on your foot for 2 weeks while others don't give you crutches but tell you minimal walking only?

I just had my 2nd surgery for removal of a morton's neuroma that wasn't handled properly in the 1st surgery and my doctor gave me crutches to use with the words of no weight bearing for 2 weeks while when I had my 1st surgery, my other doctor told me only minimal walkin was permitted. Can I do damage on my foot if I do walk a little without the crutches?

Unfortunately, I live in a 3rd floor apartment without elevator and find that I do not have the upper body strength to be able to use the crutches even hobbling around in my little apartment and though I am a temporary couch potatoe, I still have a few errands I must run occassionally. I am unable to use the crutches as I should and worry about if I am doing damage to the ball of my foot?

Re: Recovery of Morton's Neuroma Surgery

sak on 4/28/05 at 21:37 (173902)

Hi, all I know is my dr. said 5 minutes weight bearing for the first week each hour. No crutches. In 3 weeks I was walking normally and 6 weeks doing construction work. Kept foot elevated to minimize swelling for 2 weeks.

Re: Recovery of Morton's Neuroma Surgery

elliott on 4/29/05 at 10:41 (173917)


It's a good question. If I recall correctly, mine said no weighbearing for 3 days, followed by heel walking (with crutches?) until the stitches come out.

I think some of it is varying doctor opinions based on their own ideas or observations. I suspect some of it also has to do with what type of neuroma surgery was done: if it was a full neurectomy (cut out the whole nerve with the attached inflamed tissue), maybe they tend to be more cautious. If they cut out just the ligament, if the surgery is minimally invasive, or perhaps if they do just neurolysis, maybe they tend to be less cautious.

Re: Recovery of Morton's Neuroma Surgery

Dr. Z on 4/29/05 at 14:19 (173930)

Did you have the incision on the bottom ?. In most cases when I see failed first neuroma excision we make the incision on the bottom of the foot for better exposure. When we do this you MUST be off you feet for at least two weeks for proper healing for that incision. It sounds like you have this type of plantar incision. Good luck . It takes time but it can give you very good results.