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Insert Advice

Posted by KW on 4/29/05 at 11:47 (173921)

Hello! I saw someone with a similar case to me on this site and I am hoping you can give me some advice. I'm not sure my PF is typical, but when i wake up it's tight, but not painful, then as I go througout my day, my arch seems to become irritated. I was using a pretty good insole (I think) but then I switched shoes for more support, I put in the insole and it was waaaay too much on my arch! I had a very bad flare up, but the shoes are much better! Do you have any advice on a good over the counter insole for an irritated arch? Right now, my doctor has given me one that is only under part of my foot - the heel and the arch.

Re: Insert Advice

Ron on 5/02/05 at 16:45 (174118)

I'm not sure why your arch becomes irritated throughout the day. My PF, at first, only hurt when I woke up in the morning. Eventually, it hurt in the morning, lessened for awhile, then as the day progressed my feet felt like they had lead attached to them, and they hurt like hell. Rest and ice was the only thing that helped...until the next morning when it will start all over again.

The arch support isn't supposed to be used all the time at first. You must ease into it. But I've read that over-the-counter ones can be just as good as custom made.

As far as anyone I know can tell everyone is different. What works for you in this area is a good as gold for you, but for others things might be different.

That means there's very little help I can give, and from the lack of responses it seems like you're SOL for advice on this one.