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Posted by KW on 4/29/05 at 17:39 (173938)

My doctor gave me inserts that only go under my heel and my arch. They were fine for about a week, but then I had a very bad flare-up and now it feels like there is way too much pressure under my arch. (I don't have much pain in my heel, but it's moslty in my arch.) Any suggestions?

Re: Inserts

Joe A on 4/29/05 at 18:01 (173943)

Hi KW.

Deinitely try Heel Lifts/Pads. It will change the pressure point.

I learned that when you aggrevate an area it gets really tender and needs some help. Later the pressure point might move. You'll have to find something that is comfortable for you.

Another thing that I have, which I'm not sure is common. When my PF is getting better it moves from the Heel up the arch towards my toes. It gets really tight and feels like its pulling.

- Joe