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1954 Buick Special

Posted by JudyS on 4/29/05 at 20:49 (173953)

Here's a fun collection of photos.....


Re: 1958 Cadillac

Bob G on 4/30/05 at 01:30 (173959)

A few weeks ago I was doing a reverse mortgage application for a gentleman whose wife has Alzeimers. I explained that I needed to see her, so he said, 'Let's go.' So we went to go in his '58 Cadillac for the visit. The automobile is immaculate.

He also restores pedal-cars, so I not only got to see a '58 Cad in pedal-car, but got to ride in one, too!

Since he had many planes that he flies by remote, I am looking forward to going on an observation picnic soon. (I hate my job!)

Re: 1958 Cadillac

Kathy G on 4/30/05 at 10:20 (173969)

How cool, Bob. My husband has a friend who collects vintage BMW's but has yet to take him up on his offer to visit and see them.

What exactly is a pedal car?

Re: 1954 Buick Special

Kathy G on 4/30/05 at 10:23 (173970)

Neat pictures, Judy. My father absolutely loved Buicks and the first car I remember us having was a 1949 Buick Special. At least, I think it was a Special. It was used, of course, and I remember what year it was because that's the year I was born. We got it when it was about five years old. It ran for years.

I was so pleased that in his later years, my father was able to buy two brand new Buicks. He'd had his share of used clunkers and he was so happy with his new cars.