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TTS, PF and bursitis - treat them all or one at a time?

Posted by Sarah on 4/29/05 at 23:01 (173958)

I have been diagnosed by my podiatrist with these three injuries (from triathlon training). I was told that the problem was that I was overpronated, though I maintain a good arch. I've been wearing custom orthotics, soft ones, for over 3 months now with not much relief. I no longer run, but still swim and bike. I'm scheduled for a neurology appointment next week. My question is, the Dr. has not given me any suggestions about what to do to help myself in the meantime. He wants to evaluate the neurologist's results and then decide on the next step - either medication or surgery. He doesn't want to do PT yet because he says he wouldn't know what to tell the therapist to focus on at this point. Is there anything I can be doing to aid in my own healing. I'm contemplating trying acupuncture, ART, anything at this point. Any advice from the Dr.s out there?

Re: TTS, PF and bursitis - treat them all or one at a time?

Kevin K on 5/01/05 at 20:35 (174055)

There is nothing you can do to treat TTS other than what you are doing - rest and orthotics. I don't know about the other conditions.

Re: TTS, PF and bursitis - new post Sarah

Amy on 5/06/05 at 10:04 (174377)

Sarah -

Thanks for the reply - Glad to hear the NCT was negative - Although, I think that sometimes makes it more frustrating because there can be no clear diagnosis. I'll be interested to hear what your podiatrist suggests. I feel as though I am in limbo, with one person telling me to wait and see and the other saying surgery is the only option. All the while my feet STILL HURT! I am trying to figure out where to go from here - I did the two sessions of ART and then got really busy - we are moving in 3 weeks - so I have not gone back. I think I will make a concerted effort to try it in June when we get settled. Alot of days, however, I just want to call the ortho and schedule surgery.... Anyway keep us posted - I started a new thread so this does not get buried -
Take care-

Re: TTS, PF and bursitis - new post Sarah

Sarah on 5/12/05 at 16:33 (174842)

Amy, I saw my podiatrist again today and he has done the following: referred me to physical therapy to work on the PF and bursitis and he has referred me to a colleague of his who is going to perform a test called the PSSD which is supposed to be much more accurate in diagnosing mild to moderate TTS (also, it is supposedly much less painful than the nerve conduction test). He feels that if this test is positive the next step should be a compression sock and neurontin, but wants this second dr.'s opinion. He didn't know anything about ART but thought a chiropractor couldn't hurt. So, I guess we are moving forward. Hope things are looking up for you.

Re: TTS, PF and bursitis - new post Sarah

Amy on 5/13/05 at 10:43 (174897)

Hi Sarah -

Good to have a plan in place! I had never heard of the PSSD test but I will ask my neurologist about it. So he seemed to think the compression socks would help with the Baxters nerve entrapment? Interesting - maybe I'll give that a try. We are in the process of moving so I am not too focused on the feet right now - I am hoping in June to start ART treatments again and try to get on the right track. Let's keep in touch -