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Question for Julie (or anyone else) regarding taping

Posted by KW on 5/01/05 at 14:13 (174035)

Hello Julie et al,

I've recently found this website and am hoping I can ask for a little advice. I developed a roaring case (for lack of a better term) of PF about 6 weeks ago. Most of what I do seems to 'flare-up' the facia. I must say that I know I have very sensitive fascia from a previous injury. At any rate, I was doing okay with doc Rx of rest, inserts and night splints until I had a very bad flare-up about 3 days ago. Now I feel very broken down about this again b/c everything seems to be feeling as it was before - bothersome. At any rate, I'm thinking about taking a next step of taping. I saw that you had some luck with that. Would you be willing to share when you started doing this and any tips you may have? Did you wear inserts with it as well? How does the taping feel while you're having a flare-up? I might add, that it sounds to me like my case of this is different from the rest. I don't wake up with shooting pain in my heal, but feel a tigtness in my arch. That's where most of this congregates for me. Thank you all for this great site and I look forward to walking freely once again. Peace, KW