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Diminishing Fat Pad

Posted by sak on 5/01/05 at 23:32 (174062)

The ortho. surgeon said my heel pain is caused by PF and fat pad going away. The PF pain is way down but the heel hurts, gets swollen and throbs. I can handle PF hurting in the morning and after sitting but the heel hurts with very little activity. Anyone else have that? He said there was nothing to make it better.Maybe a Beverly Hills pplastic surgeon could inject collagen or implant a DR. SCHOLLS gel pad in there. If so then I could run and be a normal person...

Re: Diminishing Fat Pad

messed up foot on 5/05/05 at 19:12 (174336)

I don't know about a plastic surgeon but I have some excess upper thigh
:-) that you are welcome to use for more padding! Nothing like being immobilized for 5 months to wreak havoc on muscle tone.

Best of luck to you!

Re: Diminishing Fat Pad

am on 5/07/05 at 06:12 (174430)

let me know if you have any solutions to your problem as I have had this for 4 months after having PF and still can't get rid of it even with rest as soon as I start walking after an hour on my feet it returns

Re: Diminishing Fat Pad

sak on 5/07/05 at 15:25 (174449)

ice seems to help but like you said it returns with activity. I've tried all the gel cushions but the problem is that it's inside where the bone meets tissue...

Re: Diminishing Fat Pad

Terri on 5/09/05 at 17:55 (174591)

How could he tell that the fat pad is going away? I saw the chairman of orthopeadics at Duke Medical Center and he suggested that could be some of my problem but there was no way to tell for sure by looking at it. My heel hurts, burns, it's awlful.

Re: Diminishing Fat Pad

sak on 5/09/05 at 22:03 (174619)

Hi, it gets swollen ,red and it hurts with increased activity. I haven't worked (construction) since Feb.9, and have PF release scheduled for June 6. Disability runs out on May 20 or so and as an experiment I am going to return to work and see how bad it really is...it's gotten better, much better, but my activity is lower, much lower. As a backup I have prepared myself for a career in Real Estate Sales , which I will do regardless of how surgery turns out. This might keep the problem from resurfacing. If the work experiment is pain free I will postpone the surgery until absolutely necessary. The only thing I can't do now is run. Ultrasound may have helped also.

Re: Diminishing Fat Pad

Terri on 5/11/05 at 14:06 (174722)

Are you sure you want to have surgery? I have terrible PF but will not have sugery. Just too scary.

Re: Diminishing Fat Pad

sak on 5/12/05 at 00:36 (174786)

thats what im thinking now, seems my PF is manageable without working in construction

Re: Diminishing Fat Pad

Terri on 5/13/05 at 15:35 (174939)

I think I'd buy a wheelchair before I'd have surgery !! My own cousin is an orthopeadic surgeon and has done many successful plantar fascia releases but not on me !!!!

Re: Diminishing Fat Pad

todds on 5/24/05 at 00:59 (175605)

Cortison shots bunched too closely together will diminish your heel pad. I had about 10 before they quit working and I had to get surg.

Re: Diminishing Fat Pad

Cyndi on 6/16/05 at 08:41 (176929)

If ' sak ' says the only thing not possible is to run!

My goodness I would not even condsider surgery.
Be glad you can walk!!!!!!!

Good luck in your real estate career.