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4 months post ESWT--My report

Posted by Connie H. on 5/02/05 at 09:30 (174076)

Hi everyone. I just returned from my morning walk (jumping up & down in my chair...) and I just had to drop in and report on how I'm doing. I had ESWT on both feet Dec. 21st. I followed my doctors advice carefully, (stretching 3+ times a day, limited activity for 6 weeks, new motion control shoes and orthotics all the time) and added stuff I learned here (heat 2x's a day for 20 minutes from Dr. Z) and my feet just got better and better. I am now able to walk daily, at least a mile, and have NO PAIN! My feet now get tired! Then I rest a few minutes, and THEY FEEL BETTER! Can you imagine???? It's nothing short of a miracle. I struggled for 6 years with pf, and I will always need to be careful with my feet. I have a lot of scar tissue. But, I am sooo grateful that I was able to have this procedure, and that I can walk again. My only regret is that I didn't do it sooner.

By the way, I really didn't have any set backs. My feet were not up to a whole lot that first month--I had to sit down whenever I could, but they got better and better. They do still get tired and achy, but it's not pain.

Thanks to the Docs on this site for your time and care. It's been a blessing to me.

-Connie H.

Re: 4 months post ESWT--My report

Walkingirl on 5/02/05 at 10:44 (174082)

Connie: What were the post stretches and stuff that you utilized to get better. I just had ESWT Thursday, April 28, 2005. Thank you for any detailed input.

Re: 4 months post ESWT--My report

dorim on 5/03/05 at 07:15 (174150)

I also had my first Sonocur ESWT last week and am interested in knowing more about the stretches AND the heat treatment. Thank you for posting! it gives the rest of us some much-needed hope.

Re: 4 months post ESWT--My report

Connie H. on 5/09/05 at 21:39 (174618)

I'm sorry it took me so long to get back--I've been busy.

I used three stretches, that my podiatrist gave me. THere were some stretches on the United Shockwave paperwork, but one of them seemed to increase my pain, so I just did these three.

1. sitting on the floor, foot flexed, towel looped around my toe, stretching the calf/hamstring.
2. rolling my arch with a rolling pin.
3. runner's stretch. (leaning against the wall, heel to floor, leaning forward...

Then I used a homedics foot spa, with hot water in it, on the 'bubble and vibrate' setting for 20 minutes, 2X's a day. This felt awesome, and really seems to take away any aches or soreness, still.

I sat down whenever I could, I really didn't push my feet at all.

Hang in there!

Connie H.

Re: 4 months post ESWT--My report

Walkingirl on 12/07/05 at 19:02 (189192)

Thanks for your post Connie! Your post on 05/02/05 (which is my b-day) has been physically posted in my cubicle for encouragement. It helped me get through some discouraging times after ESWT on 04/28/05. Your new post gives me renewed encouragement that my left foot will get even better! I am post 7 1/2 months and I hardly ever feel any pain in it as long as I take care of it. Thank you again & Congratulations!