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heel pain

Posted by Karen C on 5/02/05 at 11:11 (174089)

After not running for two days I jumped on my treadmill and started at a slow jog. Something poped in my lower leg and sent pain down to my heel. I ran through it but only ran three miles. The next day I ran a 4 mile race and didn't do so hot. My heel ached but wasn't too bad. Didn't hurt afterwards.Yesterday I tried twice to run on the treadmill but my heel was pretty sore. I ran for 1 min the first time and took some Ibproferin and iced it. The second time I ran a half mile. I am stretching my calf like crazy. Even put my foot in ice water last night. Have a brand new pair of shoes I am going to run in to see if I can get this healed up. I think the tendon popped while I was running which injured the plantar. It does not hurt in the morning or when not running but is tender. Don't want to keep training and make things worse.

Re: heel pain

Julie on 5/02/05 at 12:38 (174098)

Karen, please read the heel pain book. It will give you some understanding of the condition you are dealing with, which sounds like plantar fasciitis and possibly also achilles tendinitis. Then come back and ask specific questions of the doctors.

Stop training for now, until you are healed: you are re-injuring the fascia and the tendon with every step, and can end up with a chronic condition that will be very difficult to overcome..

Re: heel pain

Robert J. Sanfilippo, DC, CCSP, ART on 5/02/05 at 20:30 (174135)

Hi Karen,

If you felt a pop in your lower then experienced pain down into your heel it is probably a good assumption that you injured your gastrosoleus complex or the achilles tendon. Lets say you injured one of those structures and continued to run on it. What will happen is that you will get scar formation which can cause contraction of tissue and limited flexibility. This limited flexibility will cause undue tension on the insertion site of the achilles tendon which is on the bottom of the heel. If the tension is great enough the tension will begin to pull at the periosteum of the bone which tends to be very painful. I'd advice you to stop running and get yourself to a doctor so they can accurately assess your injury. Multiple stretches throughout the day will keep your lower leg limber and I'd follow it up with periodic icing. Good luck and feel better.

Re: heel pain

Karen C on 5/05/05 at 16:07 (174316)

Went to PT today and am dealing with tendinitis. Looks like with a little TLC I will be running again in no time. Thanks Julie and Robert for the advice.