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A compliment and a little bit about myself.

Posted by Ron on 5/02/05 at 14:44 (174113)

This is a great site. I know I've passed this by before, but it looked like all the others. I'm a Usenet fan. I don't know why so many people gravitate towards HTML based message boards. Maybe it's just easier, or it feels safer. I'll have to admit, Usenet can be brutal if not just plain wild.

I'll be reading quite a bit of this site and paying attention to all the expert opinions on the subject. You can never learn too much on this subject.


I've been suffering from PF now for some 7 long, arduous years (or longer). At first it started with a foot problem. I thought it had to do with a plantar wart that I got taken care of right away. I thought that was my only problem. Boy, was I wrong.

After listening to my Podiatrist's advice on stretching and to no avail, I just gave up hope and dealt with the pain. Eventually, I got on the net and started looking for answers. The problem is there were no clear cut answers, so I tried what made sense to me: orthotics.

That was about 2 years ago and I still have pain, I still stretch, I still wear an orthotic, custom made I might add, and I almost gave up all hope. Lately (this past week) I've been trying Active Isolated Stretching techniques.

This type of stretching looks all so promising. But as any long time PF sufferer knows, the answer lies not in the promise but in the healing.
Cross your fingers for my sake, and possibly even yours.

I'll keep you all tuned in to my progress. So far my feet do feel better, there is a distinct feel of well being, if you will. It's still too early to tell.

Wish me luck.


Re: A compliment and a little bit about myself.

Ed Davis. DPM on 5/02/05 at 17:44 (174126)

Be sure to read Scott's Heel Pain Book and consider ESWT. The owner ScottR, keeps graphics to a minimum and hosts the site himself. You will note that pages load fairly quickly.
Best wishes,