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cortisone shots

Posted by sore feet on 5/02/05 at 15:25 (174115)

How long does it take for cortisone shots to take effect? Thanks!

Re: cortisone shots

Hazel on 5/02/05 at 17:02 (174119)

For me, they've been effective 2 or 3 days after the injection. When the Pf was in my right arch, I was pain free for 2 or 3 months (after the injection). Now I have Pf in my left heel and on the right side of the heel. The shots have given a small amount of relief for 2 weeks tops.

Good Luck.

Re: cortisone shots

sore feet on 5/03/05 at 12:59 (174178)

Thanks, sorry about your feet! I had shots in both feet 5 days ago but no relief. .. I was hoping for a month or two, at least. Good luck!