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Dr. - have you heard this before?

Posted by KW on 5/02/05 at 19:46 (174131)

I'm not sure if this is a wide spread theory or if this particular doctor tends to lean toward this belief, but I just saw a doctor today who told me something different than the other doctor I saw and from everything on the internet. Tell me what you think: I have trouble with my arch. It flares up very badly and pretty regularly (althougt it's been better as of late) and I'm trying to find the right arch support for my shoes. Instead of giving me any arch suppor of some sort, he make his own support using adhesive cotton for the heal, just a little in the arch. He said that in order for the arch to heal, you need to support both the heal and the toes equally (and made some sort of comparison to a bow-and-arrow - meaning that if you support the outsides of the bow it's hard to push down the strings). He said arch support would simply irritate the arch. Now I'm confused b/c I'm getting such conflicting reports? To support the arch or not to, that is the question?

Re: Dr. - have you heard this before?

Ed Davis, DPM on 5/03/05 at 12:28 (174176)

You need support in all 3 places but one doctor may be trying to emphasize the overdependence on arch support.