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BS warning about the Good Feet store

Posted by Ron on 5/02/05 at 20:15 (174133)

Around my area, there's a place called the Good Feet store --http://www.goodfeet.com/ -- They sell over the counter 'arch supports,' their name for orthotics.

I just went in to ask some questions and then before you know it your shoes are off and they do a footprint print of your foot ;->. Their sales pitch was really awesome. The woman, who told me she owned the store, was really smooth in her presentation. I really was impressed ..... until the end of the pitch.

The end was the clincher that these things really aren't worth it. Part of their sales pitch is to put you on one of their business cards while standing behind you. You put your hands behind you and clasp them together. The salesman then tugs on them and, whoalah, you go off balance, backwards. You think this is what should happen. But then they put you in the orthotic and do the same thing, and then you wind up standing straight up.

You ask *how* this can be? Does the orthotic really balance you better? Actually, what they do is pull you toward them when you are on your feet and when you're in the orthotic they just pull straight down. I saw them doing the same thing on one of their commercials.

IMNSHO, anyone with this kind of pitch doesn't deserve anyone's business. There is no evidence that their orthotic is better than anyone elses. And, really, their costs are just outlandish. The highest priced ones were something like $350!

Stick with over-the-counter ones at first, or something cheaper like better shoes with foot pads.

Oh yea, at the end she guaranteed that their orthotics would improve my PF significantly. I should have asked her if that means I could bring them back if they didn't work. But before that she made it abundantly clear there is a no wear policy before returned.

Re: BS warning about the Good Feet store

liboralis on 5/03/05 at 11:09 (174171)

The orthotics cost about $20 but the smke and mirros and charlatan show is worth at least an extra $250

Re: BS warning about the Good Feet store

Ted on 5/11/05 at 17:11 (174747)

I actually got some Arch Supports from the GF store when I had ankle pain. It actually did seem to help my ankle pain, but it actually may have hurt my PF. I have long ago got rid of them and did not have my ankle pain return. I use another arch support. I think the GF store is a sham as well. Too bad I lost my money. Info is power.

Re: BS warning about the Good Feet store - THANK YOU!!

Kat C. on 5/19/05 at 13:25 (175325)

I, too, was duped into spending about $140 on these arch supports. At the time, I had not sought much treatment but was in desperate need of relief, and saw their TV commercial. 20 minutes later I was in the store, and another 20 minutes later I was poorer. HOWEVER, I will say that using the arch supports in my dressier work shoes (mid-heel loafers and pumps - no stilettos) did seem to help relieve some of the fatigue by the end of the day. At this point, I think a good long walk and lots of stretching and ice after work every day would do the same thing. And my doc said I should not have had to spend that much money to get a good product.

Re: BS warning about the Good Feet store

Kat H on 10/20/06 at 17:43 (213856)

Your story is BS because I work for the Good Feet store and with the balancing exercise we do not pull you towards us when without the arch supports. Try with a friend, you'll get the same result! You have to stand straight on the floor, inter-lock your fingers and only lift up with your hands, not with your whole body. It is perfectly normal for your toes to come up and for your heals to come up when balancing from the front, if all 4 arches are not being supported. Thank-you! Oh btw I've seen for myself and experienced it myself what this product can do. The company, owners and employees are very compassionate to people's needs and are not into high pressure sales, if you don't like them don't buy them.

Re: BS warning about the Good Feet store

Frank U. on 6/04/07 at 06:52 (231057)

I met one of the suppliers of the good feet store. He sells them an arch support for under 15.00 dollars and the good feet store retails them for about 200 dollars. The sales people at the good feet store also try to sell three pair to make a final 500 dollar sale. These arch supports are good but very over priced. 50 dollars would be a very fair price because of store overhead and franchise fees. These are still much better than the flimsy supports at walmart and other department stores.