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Doctor thinks I need a full lift on my shoe

Posted by Ralph on 5/03/05 at 14:52 (174188)

After my last MRI my ortho thinks that perhaps some of my foot pain may be coming from my back too and in addition has suggested a full lift be put on my left shoe.

His theory and I'd like to hear what Julie's take on this is that the muscles that surround my hips are weak and therefore are not holding my hips even. The P.T. is to help with this as well as the other exercises that he gave me to do.

In addition after taking xrays using a grid he said my hips are off enough to try using a lift on my left shoe to see it that would help to keep it in place while I work on strengthing the muscles.

What muscles would actually be involved here Julie? This may be good news in a way because it a least says that part of my foot pain may not be P.F. related. Maybe a bit of bad news too until I can get the muscles stronger to see if I do get some relief.

Re: Doctor thinks I need a full lift on my shoe

Julie on 5/04/05 at 01:33 (174214)


When he says your hips are 'off', does he mean that your pelvis is rotated so that one hip is forward of the other, or that one hip is higher than the other?

The latter can mean that one leg is shorter than the other, and the difference in length can be real, or functional. If it is real, then a heel lift may help. If it is functional, and caused by scoliosis (spinal curvature) a lift can make the scoliosis worse. (I can't believe an orthopaedic doctor would suggest a lift in such a case.)

I don't want to comment on his theory about your muscles - he has seen you and your scans, and has made a diagnosis, and I'm sure he has good reason for thinking as he does. Follow his advice, do the exercises faithfully (stay committed!), and I hope you get real help from them. The fact that this doctor is looking at the whole of you, and not just your foot, sounds very positive and hopeful to me.

Re: Doctor thinks I need a full lift on my shoe

John H on 5/04/05 at 10:04 (174224)

Ralph: I have been in PT for about 4 weeks now going twice a week for one hour. My therapist has been working the devil out of my feet spending 30 minutes of each session balancing. I do these balancing acts in my Sensi flip flops as shoes offer to much support. The object is to really work the intrinsic muscles in the feet and I know there is not one muscle in my feet that is not really being worked over. I do such things as balance on a soft half big ball on one foot. Balance on one foot on various uneven objects and balance boards. Balance on one foot while doing a half squat and extending the leg. Me feet are as tired as they ever have been after one of these sessions. A lot of time is spent with body and hip alignment as my therapy is for both feet and back. The therapist really knows her stuff. She is doing two iron men (run-bike-swim) meets next month.

Yesterday I ran a lap and walked a lap alternately for one mile. This was not at her suggestion. I just wanted to see how my feet would react as I have not run in many years. It is now the following day and I can tell no difference in my pain level from past days.I had no increase in pain while running. Iwill increase this slowly to see if I can eventually run a mile using the method of run a lap and walk a lap. If pain increases I will back off. I do not suggest other people try this. See what happens to me.