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heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, seronegative spondyloarthropy

Posted by Maureen M. on 5/03/05 at 15:27 (174193)

I have seronegative spondyloarthropy, the enterisis kind. I have it especially in my feet. I also have plantar fasciitis in my feet and bone spurs in the heels of my feet. I also have osteoarthritis from a birth defect of the spine. I have tried foot exerices and continue to stretch my heel cord. I wear New Balance shoes with gel inserts, which help a little. I take prednisone, ultracet and sulfasalizine which does nothing for the pain. The sulfasalizine is effecting my liver. Cox 2 inhibitors almost put me in renal failure. My rheumatologist feels I should have the heel spurs removed. I walk very little now. She states that the exercises for the plantar fasciitis aggrevates the arthritis in my feet. I walk very little now. I am a 49 years old, use to be a nurse, but am no longer able to work. I have had 6 steroid injections in hands and elbows for carpal tunnel and epicondylitis in the elbows which did nothing to help. I also had one in the shoulder this winter for acute bursitis which did not help so I doubt it would help my feet. I am looking for a physician who had a lot of experience removing bone spurs. PLEASE RESPOND, I need help!

Re: heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, seronegative spondyloarthropy

Cathy on 4/09/06 at 08:25 (197156)

Maureen--I also have seronegative spondy. I was diagnosed 2 years ago (I'm now 50)--it started in my feet (and that's still my main constant pain sight and what orig. brought me to this board), but has spread into hands, shoulders, back etc. As a teacher, it has definetly affected my ability to work and I have had to go on disability twice, with it looming again in the near future.I have been the drug route you mention--am currently on prednisone and imuran as precursors to the TNF blockers (necessary here in BC to qualify for funding). It is very difficult to manage our foot condition as the arthritis pain makes stretches and exercises for pf very difficult, and often counter-productive. There is more and more information available on-line--try both spondylitis.org and kickass.org for a start.

Re: heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, seronegative spondyloarthropy

Barbara O on 6/29/09 at 12:13 (258465)

I also have seron. sponyloarthritis! Please stop taking the steroids and go to a Licensed Naturopath. The steroids ruin your aderenal glands and send your entire body into a tail spin, not to mention the weight gain.. I know everyone feels pain differently but just give it a try. Swimming is an excellent exercise...just use the kickboard and move your legs. Any excercise is better than none.
The meds given to people with autoimmune diseases are poison!! Try acupucture to releve the pain in your feet. Many insurance companies cover naturopathic care.. I am not a Dr. or nurse. I have studied extensively all that has to do with this condition. I feel so much better now that i take an adrenal supplement and natural pain killers. I wish you all the best. Barb