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Best diagnostic test?

Posted by KELUS on 5/03/05 at 22:31 (174208)

What is the best diagnostic test you can get of your feet to diagnose one or multiple problems with the feet?
I already know that I have the PF and the spurs.
But, I feel there is other things going on, maybe injuries
I have done to MYSELF due to hobbling and walking wrong
all these years.

Cat Scan?


Bone Scan?

blessings, Kelus

Re: Best diagnostic test?

Dr Ben Pearl on 5/05/05 at 07:36 (174298)

clinical exam trumps these tests as you can overread some of these studies, that said MRI

Re: Best diagnostic test?

KELUS on 5/06/05 at 16:55 (174406)

Dear Dr. Ben Pearl,
thank you for your reply!