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to Dr. SanFilippo

Posted by Ed Davis, DPM on 5/03/05 at 22:41 (174209)

Dr. Sanfilipo:
Are you aware of any podiatrists who have taken the ART course?
I noted that a lot of the courses are by online seminar but one would need hands on education for starters. How does one go about getting started if interested? Would Dr. Leahy be interested in introducing/teaching the ART methods to the podaitric profession even if a small percentage is interested? How does one get a hold of Dr.Leahy?

Re: to Dr. SanFilippo

Robert J. Sanfilippo, DC, CCSP, ART on 5/04/05 at 20:04 (174270)

Hi there Ed:

With Active Release Techniques, there are three distinct classes that you must take. They are upper extremities, lower extremities, and spine. With each class you must attend and spend three rigorous days learning the protocols and most importantly the 'touch' to treat these conditions. After the hands-on and didactic information, you then must pass a practical exam with one of the instructors and get a minimum of 90 on the exam. Once you have passed all of those then you automatically become certified. With being certified you must take refresher courses every year to maintain your level of certification.

After all of that there is an online Biomechanics course for advanced ART practitioners. When you feel you are ready you can arrange for the test to be administered. It is usually done by Dr. Leahy himself. He was the instructor that tested me. I feel the biomechanics course encapsulates all that you've learned and it allows you to assess the overall mechanics of a person.

If you are interested in becoming an ART practitioner, you can go to the website and find a site where one of the courses is being offered. Then call and sign up for the site of your choice. When I took my ART courses I was in groups that included physical therapists, massage therapists, and medical doctors. I don't see why a podiatrist or podiatric surgeon wouldn't be welcomed. I would definitely call and sign up for a seminar.

As far as trying to get in touch with Dr. Leahy, I'd say it is very difficult to accomplish that. You can email his site '(email removed)' and ask the same questions you have asked me. Feel free to throw my name in. I'm very excited to see your interest. Good luck and let me know if there is anything else I can do for you.