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Posted by B.B. H on 5/04/05 at 12:12 (174235)

I have had only 2 treatments. It seems like I have more pain than
before. Has anyone had success with this? Also, what about myofascial
massage? Any feedback as to: does it help? I have had PT for about
10 months and it has changed everything.

Re: iontophoesis

Robert J. Sanfilippo, DC, CCSP, ART on 5/04/05 at 20:13 (174271)

Hello there:

Iontophoresis is a form of electrical stimulation using positive and negative ions to induce healing by reducing swelling and scar tissue formation. I've only seen it used for pain modulation. It generally is used in conjuction with a form of manual therapy because it causes a pain amelioration so the practitioner can treat the site of pain. Myofascial massage is great but plantar fascia is not considered a muscle. Myofascial massage is used on muscles and muscle-tendon junctions. I would look into active release techniques for treatment of the PF if you want a manual method. Good luck.

Dr. Rob