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diagnostic nerve block injection for TTS

Posted by Debbie on 5/04/05 at 18:20 (174266)

I just came back from the foot doctor's office and he wants to do a diagnostic nerve block in my ankle to see if the decompression surgery will help. Has anyone had this and if so can you explain what you felt please? He said if I got relief from this shot, that, I would benefit from the surgery. He also said that the healing time for TT surgery is 3 weeks and I would be back to work, on my feet, walking 10 hrs a day in 3 weeks. I am not looking forward to surgery for sure and hoping to bypass having it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Re: diagnostic nerve block injection for TTS

Dr. Z on 5/04/05 at 18:38 (174267)

There is no diagnostic nerve block that I am aware of . Blocking the post tib nerve won't determine any type of compression. Healing time three weeks. It will take a miracle to go back in three weeks. Just ask posters on this board

Re: diagnostic nerve block injection for TTS

JG on 5/05/05 at 11:34 (174307)

It takes 3 weeks just to get the staples out! It sounds like you need a better informed doctor. I'm 4 months/2 months post op on my left/right feet. I can not imagine walking for 10 hours a day. Please talk to other doctors before you let this guy anywhere near your feet.

Re: diagnostic nerve block injection for TTS

Debbie on 5/05/05 at 18:11 (174322)

OK, now I am a little concerned. What measures did ya'll go thru before surgery? I am in physical therapy, right now, I have a appointment with a pain management doctor. I didn't think 3 weeks sounded right. He said I would be up walking right after the surgery and the only reason I could not return to work before 3 weeks was the heavy duty pain meds I'd be on, so now I am confused for sure. I work in a large retail super center as a customer service manager, walking on concrete all day long. Dr. Z are you a doctor? Thanks guys for the input, I am truely scared. Oh and did the surgery help?

Re: diagnostic nerve block injection for TTS

messed up foot on 5/05/05 at 19:04 (174332)

I am 11 weeks post TTS repair but I also had a partial plantar fasciectomy at the same time. To be honest, I went back to work - no weight bearing after two weeks. I was in a cast for 4 weeks and then a boot for 2 more weeks. I've been able to really walk for about the last 3-4 weeks and I have pushed myself my entire post op time. So this doctor is full of it! Listen to the voices of experience on this board and get a second opinion.

Re: diagnostic nerve block injection for TTS

elliott on 5/05/05 at 20:33 (174344)


If all went well with your surgery (and don't belittle the if--your post-op nerve pain is unpredictable, you could have swelling, there may be more invasive things needed to be fixed, etc.), you could be walking normally at 3 weeks to a DESK JOB. Walking on concrete all day long at 3 weeks? Who's he kidding?

Most TTS surgeons do not allow any real weight bearing until the stitches are out, so walking immediately sounds somewhat extreme. As DR. Z said, a posterior tibial nerve block does not sound right. A better plan, besides a careful diagnosis, is to have an MRI and NCV/EMG testing and even an x-ray if warranted.

Can I ask what precisely are your symptoms (type, location, what brings it on, etc.)?

Finally, love your line, 'Dr. Z are you a doctor?' Priceless!

Re: diagnostic nerve block injection for TTS

JG on 5/06/05 at 09:00 (174370)

I had an X-ray, EKG, MRI, and a NCV/EMG test. Neurontin did not work for me. My toes were burning and numb, and it hurt to walk very far on my feet. At that point, I decided anything else was kind of useless. I wanted to get at the cause and not just delay surgery because I was afraid of it.

I can now walk better (not 10 hours a day though!) and I have lost the burning pain. My toes are still numb. Nerve regeneration takes a long time. I am hoping to feel all of my toes by the end of this year.

Whatever you decide, just remember most of us on this board come to it with different problems and symptoms. It's like raising children....you get lots of advice, but in the end you do what you think is best. Just make sure you have complete confidence in your surgeon!

Re: diagnostic nerve block injection for TTS

Debbie on 5/06/05 at 19:08 (174411)

My symptoms are extreme pain in my ankles and my feet, burning, stinging, feels like bees stinging me all over my feet. I am a diabetic for 30 yrs, have neuropathy also, and I take neurontin. I am 49 yrs old. I have a high pain tolerance but this is really getting me down. I need to work, so I take the pain. It's starting to depress me. I am sorry if I offended anyone asking if Dr. Z was a real doc, I am so new to this board and have no clue. I am also in physical therapy. I had a PSSD test run and it showed severe nerve compression. Thanks everyone, I need help on this.

Re: diagnostic nerve block injection for TTS

Dr. Z on 5/08/05 at 13:19 (174495)

It is always ok to ask if Dr. Z is a real doctor, especially if it gave Elliott some laughter. I would also go to the web site, http://www.dellon.com . Dr. Dellon has a peripheral neuropathy clinic.in Baltimore, Maryland. I recently sent a patient to have his specific decompression release done on both the upper and lower extremity for DM neuropathy. I am still amazed with the INITIAL results. With Neuropathy you need a proper work up and a good surgeon with experience.

Re: diagnostic nerve block injection for TTS

Debbie on 5/10/05 at 14:47 (174650)

Dr. Z, I had a PSSD test done, how reliable are those? It showed severe nerve damage. I am so confused as to what to do. In Jan 2000, I had a plantar fibroma removed off my left bottom foot and it now hurts more than it did before the surgery, it has so much scar tissue, so I am worried that having more surgery done, will be crazy. This was done by a different doc. I also have a fibroma in my right foot. I appreciate your advice.

Re: Dellon Institute and Pain Buster book

Suzy D on 5/11/05 at 09:29 (174702)

I have also made an appointment at the Dellon Institute, but the one in Boston. Apparently, there are three sites where this institute is located. Since my dx has been PN, RSDS, TTS, PF, tendonitis, etc. I would at least hope to get a definite dx from this institute. From what I have read, the consult is very thorough. I am trying to avoid the SCS implant that pain management seems to think will be effective in pain control. I have my doubts about that.
Also have read the book Pain Buster,by John Stamatos. That is about the most comprehensive and informative book I have read so far. I have decided to seek his opinion as well. I did get an appointment for June and can just hope he is a knowledgeable as he sounds in the book.
Glad to read that the Dellon Institute has a good reputation. All the best to those with foot, leg, pain. May you all find at least some relief that makes the pain at least tolerable.