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had Tarsal Tunnel Surgery almost 2 weeks ago.....

Posted by wendy d on 5/05/05 at 22:23 (174353)

For those of you unsure as to what to expect.......here's how my experience was......It was done on an out-patient basis.....put under with anesthesia (which made me pretty sick afterwards- I passed out a couple times when attempting to go to the bathroom....)Went home in a camwalker and had a walker to hang onto (don't like crutches, found a walker to be much easier to maneuver with) Not much appetite for a couple days....pain wasn't too bad really....the camwalker was and still is a very heavy uncomfortable boot. I have a LOT of trouble sleeping with it on as I like to lay on my side and am not able to do that with this boot on. Oh, and not to mention the damn TED hose you have to wear on both legs. They drove me batty!!!!I'm getting around pretty good now (this is Day 11).......went back to the Dr. the other day and he said the stitches were healing nicely and he wants to see me back on may 19th to take SOME of the stitches out......I also have a Morton's Neuroma which may mean more surgery as I can still feel that on my foot......all in all, it's been a pretty positive operation. If you suffer with foot pain like I do......believe me, it's worth it. Oh, one other thing they usually won't tell you ahead of time.....only sponge bathing until the stitches come out. (That sucks!!!!)I hope this helps anyone who is unsure as to what to expect................Good Luck!

Re: had Tarsal Tunnel Surgery almost 2 weeks ago.....

messed up foot on 5/06/05 at 07:19 (174365)

get creative on the bathing! If you tuck a thin handtowel around the top of your boot, cover it all with a large trash bag and then use something elastic to seal the over the bag, you can easily shower! Handheld showers with a shower seat are better. I never missed a day and my cast was bone dry. Note to Scott - maybe we need a section on this website on coping with the after surgery issues???

I agree with you - the boot is heavy but at least it comes off.

Re: had Tarsal Tunnel Surgery almost 2 weeks ago.....

Andrea on 5/06/05 at 11:37 (174392)


I'm 3 weeks post-op adn the recovry seems to be going well. For the people who had TT surgery, when were you able to actually wear regular shoes?

Re: had Tarsal Tunnel Surgery almost 2 weeks ago.....

AmyM on 5/06/05 at 12:58 (174395)


You can buy covers for casts/camboots etc. That might make life a bit easier.


Re: had Tarsal Tunnel Surgery almost 2 weeks ago.....

messed up foot on 5/06/05 at 14:56 (174402)

Cast covers are much more expensive than a trash bag!

I got back into a shoe at 6 weeks...it lasted 15 minutes. But everyday I could tolerate the shoe longer and after a week, I could wear it all day. You might need a shoe that has different characteristics with your new foot. Be sure to go to a good store and pay the money. I can't remember the name of the folks who have specialize training in fitting shoes (pedorthist maybe?) but it is worth it to have a good fit - ignore fashion go for comfort. I found an SAS shoe to work well. Other folks might have more suggestions and my SAS choice was black or brown. Black is ugly enough!

Re: had Tarsal Tunnel Surgery almost 2 weeks ago.....

JG on 5/07/05 at 12:42 (174446)

I got into a shoe around 7 weeks with my left foot and at 3-4 weeks with my right foot. The second foot goes easier, I think because you know what to expect. Messed Up Foot is right.....SAS shoes are nice. They are comfortable even if you don't have foot problems. If you go to the stores, you can special order another color if they don't have what you want. Ask for their brochure.

Re: had Tarsal Tunnel Surgery almost 2 weeks ago.....

Kara on 5/16/05 at 16:11 (175139)

It took me about two and a half months until I could get into a regular shoe and it was only for short amounts of time. It is really important to find comfortable shoes. It has been almost a year and a half since my surgery and I am still having to wear athletic shoes almost exclusively. I am just starting to be able to wear sandals and dress shoes for short amounts of time. Just be patient...otherwise you will just hurt yourself.