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Invasive Surgery: Finding Competent Surgeon?!?

Posted by Scott Mc on 5/06/05 at 10:33 (174379)

After 4 years of PF and no improvement, I am thinking of invasive surgery. Yes, I have tried everything. 4 DPMs and all their standard treatments (orthotics, anti-inflamatories), physical therapy (mostly stretching), night splints, even ESWT.

1st DPM does not recommend surgery due to structure of my foot--very high arch. 2nd and 3rd DPMs say could try surgery but seem to discourage it. 4th DPM thinks he can treat with yet another pair (3rd) of orthotics and infra-red (Anodyne) therapy.

I am losing confidence in DPMs and am also losing my ability to function. I live in a Montana town of only 50,000 people. How do I find a DPM that is also a competent surgeon and doesn't approach the surgery so reluctantly? I will travel to another city, if necessary.

Am I expecting too much out of DPMs? Maybe I should be looking for a surgeon (orthopaedic?) that has experience in PF surgeries(?). How would I find this person?

I understand that surgery is not guaranteed and that recovery take a long time. Yet, what I'm I doing now? Wasting my money for past 4 years on ineffective treatments--does this go on the rest of my life? Seems like surgery may be a better option than that.

Re: Invasive Surgery: Finding Competent Surgeon?!?

Robin on 5/06/05 at 10:44 (174380)

My biggest regret is that I had invasive surgery in 2001. I'm worse now than I was before the surgery. It sounds like all the doctors you've seen are of the same frame of mind - don't have the surgery. I would listen to them. I'm trying Active Release Therapy next week. Quite a few people on this message board have said that worked for them. You might consider looking into that. Only specially-trained chiropracters and physical therapists can do it. Check the ART website. Good luck.

Re: Invasive Surgery: Finding Competent Surgeon?!?

john king on 5/06/05 at 10:52 (174381)


I have had the same kind of problems and the same thoughts and worries. The only thing I have to say is that it never hurts to get a second or third opinion. But what they cut they cannot uncut. Consider the worst case that the operation fails in a big way and you are unable to walk at all. I am very limited but I can at least go to the store and buy food and walk around a little bit. I don't want to be in a scooter or wheelchair or get RSD. Don't do things out of desperation. You can go from the frying pan into the fire. Keep reading this board and the posts and ask questions.

Re: Invasive Surgery: Finding Competent Surgeon?!?

Dr Ben Pearl on 5/06/05 at 15:38 (174405)

My protocol includes strapping which you probably had, a lot of specialties do myofascial release and these folks that say they have a special technique are putting their own tweak on something that is commonly done. The acfas is one place to check for credentialed foot surgeons.

Re: Invasive Surgery: Finding Competent Surgeon?!?

Julie on 5/07/05 at 01:17 (174424)

Dr Pearl, have you been reading Dr Robert Sanfilippo's posts about Active Release Therapy? The theory makes sense (it is not the same as myfascial release). He has been spending a lot of time here explaining the technique, and his posts have been detailed and informative. I think ART deserves better than your dismissive comment (perhaps you didn't mean it dismissively).

Re: Invasive Surgery: Finding Competent Surgeon?!?

Ralph on 5/07/05 at 09:42 (174435)

Here's another one called MAT (Muscle Activation Techniques). There is an article about it the mag. from my health club.

It says it focuses on correcting muscle weakness. The developer is Greg
Roskopf ' A core idea of MAT is that muscle tightness is actually a secondary symptom of muscle weakness'

Roskopf holds a master's degree in exercise physiology from Fresno State University.

The article goes on to say that MAT has been incorporated into the treatment programs of the Denver Broncos and Nuggets, The Utah Jazz and the New York Giants. It's only recently making its way into fitness club and clinics.

There are over a hundred MAT therapist in the U.S. and they all had to complete a 10 month training program and pass a written and hand-on exam certification test.

http://www.muscleactivation.com is where to look for a therapist.

Anyone heard about or tried MAT?

Re: Invasive Surgery: Finding Competent Surgeon?!?

Ralph on 5/07/05 at 09:45 (174436)

I'm certainly not advocating anyone purchase his tape nor placing an ad for this guy and his technique, but I found the article interesting and wondered if anyone had heard about MAT.