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Dr Kiper's orthotics

Posted by JanP on 5/06/05 at 15:38 (174404)

I'm new to this site, but have pretty much combed it as I relate so well to the woes of pf suffers.

I'm very interested in Dr Kiper's orthotics, and have checked out his site too, and probably will order some.

His testimonials are quite limited. In fact his discussion board has just a few messages on it. Is he new to the business? On what basis are his orthotics linked to this site? Is there any other place to find information about them?

Thanks, Jan

Re: Dr Kiper's orthotics

Liboralis on 5/06/05 at 22:45 (174420)

they are mail order. better to find a practitioner in your area that will do the eval, cast and fit

Re: Dr Kiper's orthotics

Julie on 5/07/05 at 01:11 (174423)


Dr Kiper has been in business for a long time. His orthotics haven't been discussed here for a while, but a couple of years ago there were a few posters who talked about them. I remember one or two people saying they worked well for them, and they spoke highly of Dr Kiper, who apparently takes a good deal of trouble with his customers, will do as many readjustments as necessary, and offers a refund if in the end the orthotics don't suit.

This isn't a recommendation, as I've no personal experience with the doctor or his product, but I was impressed with what these posters said, and with his website, which has quite a lot of information. (The discussion forum wasn't there last time I looked, and seems to be new - first post Feb 05 - which could explain why there aren't many testimonials.)

Re: Dr Kiper's orthotics

JanP on 5/07/05 at 07:41 (174432)

Thanks Julie. He must have recently started his discussion forum. Yes, I was impressed too with his response when I emailed him, and his warranty definitely makes giving them a try risk free.

I am currently doing the taping described here as well as your yoga exercises and some of the other stretching as well. I so badly want help! I read a comment from someone that if they could be guarranted results they'd mortgage the house! PF takes over your life.


Re: Dr Kiper's orthotics

Julie on 5/07/05 at 09:09 (174433)

Jan, it's just occurred to me that you may not have read the whole of Dr Kiper's site. Apart from the discussion forum, there is a section called 'patients', which includes lots of contributions from satisfied clients who have all agreed that they can be emailed. So you've got the possibility of 'talking' to folks who have the SDOs and can tell you about their experiences with them

Here's the link:


Re: Dr Kiper's orthotics

francesc on 5/08/05 at 13:13 (174494)

I have a pair of Dr. Kiper's orthotics. I was a little skeptical at first but, have found that he is very responsive and attentive. It has been just over a year that I've had them and my feet are SO MUCH better!

He is also the one who gave me advice to NOT ice my feet but soak in warm water. So between that and the orthotics, I am so much improved. I went from being barely able to stand on my feet for 30 min to now being able to walk for hours. I still wear my Birks at home and mostly my orthotics outside but, I was able to attend a wedding in some flat shoes without any arch support. I never thought I'd ever be able to do that again!

Also, about 3 months ago, my orthotics burst and he replaced them free of charge since they were still under warranty.

I have been very happy with his service and the product.


Re: Dr Kiper's orthotics

Ed Davis, DPM on 5/09/05 at 11:05 (174574)

Dr. Kiper bases his orhtotic design on a different paradigm that is generally accepted by mainstream podiatry, orhtopedics and pedorthics although he has had a number of success stories. He has stopped trying to convince the mainstream and has taken his ideas directly to the public.
Testimonials are great but I don't know what his cure rate is and the cure rate he states has no independent corroboration that I know of.
I am unsure how ro advise on except to say that he appears to stand behind his product and that trying the product is far preferable to invasive modalities. Any thoughts from Richard or other providers?

Re: Dr Kiper's orthotics

Elyse B on 5/09/05 at 15:56 (174580)

Jan you might as well try them as Dr. Kiper fully stands by his full refund policy. It is a win/win situation. Remember if you get orthotics from a podiatrist there is no return policy nor a guaranty that you will get your money back if they do not 'work.'

Re: Dr Kiper's orthotics

Rachael T. on 5/09/05 at 19:29 (174609)

Hi - Haven't been on this site for a while....maybe I am feeling better? Yes, that is true....but PF still is 'there.' I just manage it better & it is in no way like it once was 4 yrs. ago. I write this because I bought Dr. Kiper's SDOs & wore them for sometime as a 'change off' or rest from my regular orthotics....They are a nice reprieve from orthotics especially as he recommends in a pair of Isotoner slippers. I add that Dr. Kiper is good about his guarantee....I bought a pair of SDOs from him & returned them within 2 months - as I couldn't adjust to them & he did return my money. Then, about 1 yr. later, when my pf was somewhat better - I tried SDOs a 2nd time & I do still have them - as I said, wearing them sometimes & sometimes wearing my regular orthotics. I hope this helps you with your decision....& wish you Happy Feet Days.