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Best Biking Technique after ESWT ???

Posted by Walkingirl on 5/07/05 at 10:06 (174437)

Is there a place @ heelspur.com that gives advise on biking, especially after EWST? I am looking for specifics, such as foot placement, etc.

Re: Best Biking Technique after ESWT ???

Julie on 5/07/05 at 12:01 (174441)

If you key 'biking' into the search facility, you may turn up past posts - there has been a good deal of discussion about it in the past.

Are you talking about real biking or stationary biking in the gym? If the latter, I can remember several people saying that the recumbent bike was better for them than the sit-up bike. I also remember people being advised to position the centre of the foot, not the toes, metatarsal, or heel, on the pedal.

Re: Best Biking Technique after ESWT ???

Donald Iain Scott on 5/07/05 at 22:44 (174458)

How long since ESWT?
Remembering the healing process my take up to 3 month!
What type of bike?
What type of footwear? Correct fit - foot length and width NOT COST. The most expensive is not necessary the correct fit.
Expensive shoes may break your bank balance as well as your feet.
Do you wear orthotics while cycling?
If you a sport junkie remember you must let the body heal.

Donald Iain Scott