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What about injections for heel spurs?

Posted by LINDA J. on 5/07/05 at 20:22 (174455)

I have had the injections and they seem to work fine. What are your thoughts on this form of treatment?

Re: What about injections for heel spurs?

Mike C on 5/08/05 at 07:21 (174469)

You must be careful. Steroid injection in the foot can cause dibilitating complications.

Re: What about injections for heel spurs?

Joyce D on 5/08/05 at 09:18 (174475)

My husband has a heel spur whih was diagnosed last Friday. He is finding it very painful when wallking. On Monday he goes to our G.P. for a cortisone injection. Is this injection the wise choice? He is a little aprehensive.


Re: What about injections for heel spurs?

Julie on 5/08/05 at 09:27 (174476)


You should read the heel pain book, which is free on this website (click on the blue words). I am not a doctor, but I would not have thought that a steroid injection was a good first line of treatment. Who made the diagnosis? Most podiatrists (foot doctors) would not any longer use the term 'heel spur', which is misleading, because it is not the spur which causes the pain. Plantar fasciitis, the correct term, is an inflammation of the supporting ligament of the foot, and there is a wide variety of conservative treatments for it which you can read about in the book.

If your husband has not seen a podiatrist, I would suggest that you ask the GP to refer you to one for a full examination and evaluation. If thoroughly done, this should reveal the cause of the problem, which can then be treated. Injections may form part of the treatment package, but a proper examination and diagnosis should come first, and you really need a doctor who specialises in foot problems for that.

Re: What about injections for heel spurs?

Kathy on 5/10/05 at 20:39 (174670)

I had a injection today for a heel spur or Planter Fasitis. Man, I can't say it was very pleasant! It was very painful. I was very light headed & felt nautious. Not very fun. It has lessend the pain but it has not fully gone away...