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Arch support for sandals or clogs?

Posted by Ann E on 5/08/05 at 17:51 (174517)

Does anyone know of arch supports for sandals or clogs (I have PF and a high arch)? I need something that doesn't add bulk to the top or side of my foot as I already have a wide foot and high instep - I need to be able to get me shoes on! Thanks.

Re: Arch support for sandals or clogs?

Jim M. on 5/10/05 at 11:15 (174646)

I have had PF for about four years. I just recieved my custom orthotics from foot maxx. They have taken my pain dowm by about 50%, but I hate wearing shoes inside my house and my wife don't like it either. So, today I finally bought some Birkenstock cork footbed sandals. I were them inside my house and they seem to have taken the sharp pain away from my toe bones and under the ball of my foot. They are wide and can be adusted real well. I have big wide German feet and since the shoes are made in Germany, they fit perfectly. I will update my progress next week.

Jim M.

Re: Arch support for sandals or clogs?

susan o on 5/13/05 at 09:13 (174888)

With a high arch you will probably do well with Birks. For those of us with lower arches, they just won't do. I have just tried a pair of Wolky Colorado sandals. I suspect those will work well for those of you who wear Birks. The arch is a bit too high for me. They have velcro closures, so you can adjust them a bunch. Wolky's have a cork insole also.

Re: Arch support for sandals or clogs?

Nell P on 5/22/05 at 22:05 (175514)

I was diagnoised with the Planters Fascitis. They have me in a shoe like you wear after foot surgery. I read about the Birkenstock sandels, I would like to know some of the advantages vs. disadvantages. Nell

Re: Arch support for sandals or clogs?

Clara.B on 3/17/07 at 22:56 (225357)

I have PF as well and don't like to wear shoes in the house and have found that europedica makes a good 'house shoe'. I also like the chaco sandals for summer and the dansko shoe works well anytime.