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Pain in the arch

Posted by RRR Trail on 5/09/05 at 10:10 (174564)

Could it be PF?

Symptoms: several hours after runs, I get a pain in the tissue in the underside of my left arch. But no extra pain in the am and no heel pain.

52 y/o male, 168#, active runner. Jogged for 30 years, last 3 years been averaging 20-35 mpw (4 marathons). No changes in running, just started developing the pain the past few weeks. Have tried taking a week off, bought new running shoes (had to go up a size!) with SOLE insoles, but pain came back. More time off?

Sould I treat for PF?


Re: Pain in the arch

Ed Davis, DPM on 5/09/05 at 10:54 (174570)

RRR Trail:
This may be more of an arch strain than a true PF but I would treat it in a similar fashion to PF and see how it does.

Re: Pain in the arch

RRR Trail on 5/09/05 at 12:20 (174577)

Thanks will do and will let you know. Didn't see anything about treating with heat at night, which I have been doing. Should I be using heat at all?

Re: Pain in the arch

Ed Davis, DPM on 5/09/05 at 20:11 (174614)

Heat can be helpful but you may want to try going from cold to heat, back to cold again to see if you get a better effect.