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Moving Pain

Posted by KW on 5/09/05 at 12:49 (174578)

I've been treating my PF for about a month now. I had it for about 2 months prior. I didn't have the 'typical' symptoms. My pain was mainly in my arch and instead of feeling sharp pain when I awoke I had more of an intense burning feeling while walking. I've been wearing the night splint, found great shoes with good arch-supports and have taken up swimming. I'm feeling much better. Although, strangely my achilles. tendon is now very tight. My doctor had recommended that I don't stretch since I had a very acute case and said that the night splint should help things from healing improperly. Is this normal that the tightness is moving around? Is there anything I can do to stretch the achilles tendon with out stretching the arch? I'm still limiting my walking too, so it's hard to just walk out the tighness. Thanks.