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Did surgery go bad??

Posted by Sandie on 5/09/05 at 14:19 (174579)

I recently (2 weeks ago)had a planter fasciectomy preformed to rid the pain of my annoying heel spur...The Dr. cut my foot on the bottom-just before the heel bone and about 2 inches long. My foot is still numb and tingly..I can't put ANY weight on it at all.It's still very swollen, esp. the ball of my foot.I seen him (the Dr.)10 days after the surgery and let him know what was going on..he didn't seem the least bit concerned.-He did tell me prior to surgery that,'It was a simple procedure and I'll be walking on it in 2-3 days'.... Where the heck did he get that from!? I have heard of people that did walk that early but...I am not even close to putting my foot on the ground.The incision doesn't seem to hurt, but the whole rest on foot...I'm starting to wonder about--I never had any other treatment for my foot--never even had an x-ray..I told him to 'take care of it'--however..I was never informed on ANY other treatments available. My question and main concern...How long am I going to go through this? My Dr. said 'playing ball this season wouldn't be a problem'..funny thou- my 7 year old had to push me in a wheelchair at the zoo yesterday! Anyone with any info please...write me back..much appreciated Sandie

Re: Did surgery go bad??

Ralph on 5/09/05 at 17:03 (174584)

I'm not a doctor and I've never had foot surgery, but it's easy to see that after the fact you certainly have 2 sets of information, what you were told prior to your surgery by your doctor and the reality of the situation that you are now experiencing.

From reading this board and using the search tab on this site knowing exactly what was done during your surgery is something that you definitely want to find out. My non professional suggestion is that you ask your doctor for your medical records those before surgery and those during the surgery and even the follow up appointment. It's very strange that he didn't even take an xray of your foot prior to surgery.

My reasoning is that by securing those records you will have an accurate accounting on the procedure, how it was done and how much of your plantar fascia was actually released. Should you continue to have difficulty down the road and need a second opinion those records will be of value to the new doctor as well as to yourself.

Two weeks hardly seems like a long enough healing time to be completely pain free, but still having a numb and tingling foot is another question that should be addressed by your doctor in plain English. He should be able to tell you why your foot is still numb.

If I were you I'd make another appointment to see him again and talk to him openly. Remind him of what he told you and tell you you want a complete explaination why your foot is still swollen and how he accounts for the fact that your foot is still numb, tingling and that you cannot put any weight on it. Tell him that isn't the picture he painted for you prior to surgery so what happened?

Be nice, but direct and have your questions written down and just go down your list and expect good answers. At this point keeping a good line of communication open with your doctor is important. You want answers and he should be able to provide them for you.

I doubt anyone here can tell you for certain that something went wrong. The doctors here haven't examined your foot prior to surgery or after it and I doubt that any one of them would go as far as to say you had a botched job, but time will certainly tell you.

Re: Did surgery go bad??

Terri on 5/09/05 at 17:52 (174590)

I would not hestitate to see another doctor ASAP. I would not worry about hurting this doctor's feelings. It's your foot and your life, take care of it however you have to.

Re: Did surgery go bad??

Kat C. on 5/10/05 at 00:48 (174630)

Sandie -
I am 4 weeks post-surgery for an 'open' or traditional fasciotomy. My incision is on the inner side of my foot, back near the heel below the ankle bone.

I was not even allowed to walk on my foot for the first two weeks. Only on crutches and only for necessity (i.e., to the bathroom). I kept my foot elevated and frequently iced it to reduce swelling. At my 2-week post-op visit, my doctor said I could start to walk with crutches, practicing proper walking mechanics (heel first, roll, then toe). It took another week before I would even try to drive, and nearly the entire second two weeks until I could put my full weight on it. Now at 4 weeks post-op, I am walking mostly on my own, but I don't get very far and still occasionally use one crutch. I still have some numbness and tingling around my incision site, and my heel is tender when walking, but not excruciating.

It sounds like perhaps your doc was either inexperienced or overly optimistic about the recovery process. I also agree that it is unusual to proceed with surgery without so much as an x-ray.

Collect those medical records, gather more information, and a second opinion from an experienced orthopedic surgeon would be recommended next steps.

Take care of yourself, and rest the foot as much as possible. Keep us posted on your progress!

Re: Did surgery go bad??

Sandie on 5/13/05 at 01:54 (174871)

Highya guys- thanks so much for your letters--As for my foot..still the same. Kat.. I'm really trying to do the walking thing too-- the thing is.. I can't even put my heel on the ground without a strange, painful sensation-as for the ball of my foot--well,that hurts-- I noticed a nice fresh bruise in the center of my foot too-have no idea where that came from!-as for my medical records...good idea. I have talked to my Dr.about 'I thought I'd be on it in 2-3 days' - I also told him I missed 2 of my baseball games (he knew I really wanted to play). He could of giving me other options to try besides hydro. shots--I hear they have a laser treatment- basically the same idea as getting Kidney stones to brake up-and it's painless. That I would have tryed! Of course, I find all kinds of good stuff after I had the surgery!I'll keep you guys posted on my progress. Thanks!

Re: Did surgery go bad??

Sandie on 5/13/05 at 02:00 (174872)

highya Kat -- I did send areply to ya but it went in the general mail (**)-Please try to find it. Thanks

Re: Did surgery go bad??

Terri on 5/13/05 at 15:32 (174938)

Sandie, I hope you can see another doctor soon.

Re: Did surgery go bad??

Julie H on 5/15/05 at 18:22 (175103)

I had the ESWT surgery you refer to in your letter. I must add here that I also have fibromyalgia. My surgery was 5 weeks ago and I can honestly say that I am no better today than I was before the procedure. I have been off work (RN) since the surgery, have followed all the advice of my doctor and have had weekly visits with him. He is as concerned about the results as I am, and we are refusing to give up. No one told me this was a for sure thing, surgery never is. I went into it hoping all would be well, and believed all would be well, but there is that 15% of people that will not respond to this method of treatment, and I am one of them. I am discouraged as sitting around this long is difficult, and now I am looking at possibly 3 months of it if we decide the more traditional surgery is required. I add the fibromyalgia piece because we are not sure if this is hindering my healing. I also want to add the
ESWT procedure was not painless for me, so if you do proceed with it at some time, don't expect a painless procedure. Much less than what I am sure you experienced. I have watched many surgeries of all types(I am a medical/surgical RN) go 'bad' in some and the same procedure go perfect in others. I don't find it beneficial to ever compare one to another. Every one responds differently. I will keep praying for you, just hang in there. I know your frustration.