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Posted by Kristie on 5/10/05 at 07:51 (174636)

Has anyone tried Prolotheraphy? I went to a pain management doctor and he recommended it.I haven't had it done yet. Wanted to get some information first before I made my decision.

Re: Prolotheraphy

JanP on 5/10/05 at 09:04 (174641)

Yes I have tried it. I'm not sure whether I gave it a fair chance or not. My doctor was quite confident it would help, but when I returned several weeks later after one shot series, and reported that I was worse, the Dr. put me on antiinflamatories (Aleve). He said I shouldn't have been worse, and basically gave me the impression he didn't know what had happened. He wondered if I had arthritis. I DON'T.

I respect the Dr. for not continuing. He turned away quite a bit of income! It's expensive! The treatment still seems to me that it should have worked. I wonder if part of it is that I can't stand orthotics, and so couldn't support the fascia. (I'm trying to tape now, and it's a challenge!)


Re: Prolotheraphy

Ed Davis, DPM on 5/10/05 at 10:25 (174642)

Prolotherapy presumably is used to toughen, tighten ligaments. That is the opposite of what is desired in plantar fasciitis.

Re: Prolotheraphy

Rose on 5/10/05 at 23:36 (174680)


Re: Prolotheraphy

Dr Ben Pearl on 5/12/05 at 06:29 (174799)

I have heard some people respond. As I understand , it is designed to provide an inflamatory and healing cascade similar in some respects to what eswt is trying to do.

Re: Prolotheraphy

pat on 9/11/05 at 13:53 (182658)

Hello Rose - I am thinking of trying prolotheraphy and want to know if anyone else has tried this as well. Let me know if you have received any responses. Thanks

Re: Prolotheraphy

Randal Smith on 9/05/06 at 15:38 (209353)

I had 4 treatments for my neck and lower back... My neck, which has two fused disc, it helped, I feel it helped strengthen the area, and I have less flare-ups.... Considerably less.... If I could get my lower back in better shape, I would go back and get another couple treatments on my neck....

My lower back, which has a small herniation, I really can't say it helped..... Epidurals (the opposite of prolo) have helped this,, and I'm now trying to explore minimally invasive surgery options....

I was referred to this by a friend, who had lower back surgery, then later starting have pain again... He went for 3 or 4 prolo treatments, and it really helped him....

I went to Caring Medical in Oak Park, outside Chicago.... Ross Hauser I think was the doctor....

Randal Smith
ransmith at alltel.net

Re: Prolotheraphy

Ralph on 9/05/06 at 16:14 (209363)

Do you know what you were injected with and how was the pain after following each injection?

They have talked about prolo for my SI area. One doc says yes the other no. Caught in the middle. I didn't know they used it for cervical problems.

Re: Prolotheraphy

Karen C on 2/18/07 at 10:03 (222927)

I had prolotheraphy in 2006 in two thumb joints that hurt so bad that I could hardly stand it! With just one treatment, I had incredible relief. I have had a total of three treatments to date and find that my thumbs are just not an issue any longer. I know that I have problems, but for my daily life, there is absolutely no discomfort. When I choose to garden for several hours doing serious thumb work, I can feel it, but with a mild asperin or like, I feel just wonderful! I am considering getting my doctor to give the treatment to my five year old labradore who has serious hip problems that will end her life in just a year or two if no treatment is made. I say, Go for it with gusto!!

Re: Prolotheraphy

Mary on 1/12/08 at 00:05 (241878)

Kristie, I have had Prolotherapy in my knees and neck. I had
surgery on my knee and could not walk on that leg after the surgery.
Then my other knee started hurting so bad I couldn't walk at all. I
had the Prolotheraphy shots on both knees and now I can walk just fine. I did not want a scooter to ride around on, I wanted my own legs
to get around on and it worked. My neck also was a problem with a lot
of pain and difficulty moving it.( I have degenerative joint disease & Arthritis ) The shots have worked very well on my neck too.
You have take or not take exactly what the Doctor says to or the shots can be ineffective ( example: don't take asprin. It can keep the shots from working) Best of luck!! Mary