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abnormal gait from plantars wart

Posted by Donna on 5/11/05 at 07:49 (174695)

6 weeks ago, I had 2 large (and multiple clusters) plantars warts removed from my heel by surgical excision. Nobody warned me that there would be quite a bit of pain on walking for an extended period of time with this. It is healing very slowly due to having to walk on the raw heel and I have developed a lot of pain in the heel due to limping for so long. There does not seem to be an infection. The pain is exquisite upon arising in the morning and calms down (but does not go away) after about an hour. From what I have read, this seems to be plantars fasciitis (along with the surgical pain). The Dr just keeps saying I'm fine and does not address the pain issue. Can you recommend some stretches for me? After reading your site, I'm relieved to find out what is wrong with my foot. I am very frustrated. Have you ever heard of this problem from plantars wart surgery? I do not want this to become a permanent condition as I am normally very active. I plan to start Ibuprofen today. Thank you for your wonderful site! It is by far the best information I have found so far.


Re: abnormal gait from plantars wart

Cher S. on 7/22/05 at 07:49 (178835)

I know what you mean. I did not have the surgery, but they put the acid on my foot. the other night I was in excrutiation pain. Sharp pains in my foot like someone is stabbing it. The next day when I returned to the doctor he said that it is ok and part of the healing process..... and that the hardest part of this is 'patients'