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update 5/11/05

Posted by Ted on 5/11/05 at 16:43 (174743)

Current condition, more pain, but still hopeful.

I am still working the job where I stand a lot. I bought some new tennis shoes which I hoped would help, but they didn't. I think I made a mistake and put my orthodics over the shoes orthodics which is not flat even in just the arch. It seemed to really hurt my feet, but thank God I had a week's vacation coming up and rested.

I noticed that the heel pain I am not feeling is not from the taping, but it is from the PF. It is a weird pain I never felt before. It feels like the pain you get when you get a blister. Thats why I thought it was more to do with the skin than the PF.

I am also noticing I have a bit more pain on the side of my inner foot. I'm wondering if the taping has anything to do with that beyond my pronation.

My ACT is really helping make the tissue less tight except in the one spot from my big toe to the heel. It is less stressed, but still tight. I'm thinking maybe the ESWT would help in that situation. I'm not sure.

I still am looking into having some professional orthodics made (need to check out the orthodics MB). I am still worried about losing my job.

This has been my 4 year progress of pain. Ankle pain, shin splint pain, pain on the top of my foot, pain at the arch, pain at the heel. Is this normal. I guess it is. I'm thankful for this site and for all of your comments on here.

Re: update 5/11/05

John H on 5/12/05 at 09:15 (174814)

Ted: Generally speaking it is not recommended to put your orthotics over the removable ones in your shoes. You could be restricting your feet and even blood flow if they are to tight. What kind and make of shoe are you wearing? A good shoe like a New Balance 800 or 900 series will have a removable insert and will accommodate your orthotic. Some shoes are just not made to accommodate an orthotic. A good shoe is a must for someone on their feet all day. As the day wears on your foot can swell nearly a full shoe size so make sure you buy your shoes late in the day after they have swollen. As a rule of thumb you need about a thumbs width toe space. Also wear the socks you will normally be wearing.

Re: update 5/11/05

Ted on 5/12/05 at 19:25 (174849)

Thanks. Actually I have NB shoes and those where the ones I put my orthotic over. Moreover, I didn't really let my feet adjust to the shoe and let the shoe break in. Good advice. Thanks. :)

Re: update 5/11/05

Terri on 5/13/05 at 15:26 (174936)

All the foot pain you described sounds like PF to me. I've had all those symptoms and more. Mine took a year and a half to get really bad.