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tumor in the foot

Posted by ana on 5/11/05 at 16:54 (174745)

My podiatrist told me I have a tumor in my foot and since it has been there for almost 2 years and the pain is getting worse he suggested surgery. I've read conflicting messages posted on the web. Do these tumors get bigger as time goes by and if I can handle the pain should I just ignore it and not have the surgery? I am scheduled for an MRI next week so I'm sure I will have more information then but just the word tumor scares me.

Re: tumor in the foot

Ralph on 5/11/05 at 20:59 (174768)

I'm not a doctor, but my advice before you have any type of surgery unless it's an emergency situation is to get a second opinion.

I'd also ask the doctor if there is a medical diagnosis (term) for your condition besides the word 'tumor'. You want to know exactly what he is treating you for and you want to know the overall success for the type of surgery he is planning.

Re: tumor in the foot

Julie on 5/12/05 at 03:21 (174796)

The word 'tumor' means 'swelling due to abnormal growth of tissue, whether benign or malignant'. Most tumors are benign, so try not to worry too much. After you have the MRI results, discuss it with your doctor again and ask the questions that Ralph suggests.

You certainly shouldn't ignore this growth in your foot, but perhaps you should get another opinion before you decide on surgery.