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Relationship of Back to Tarsal Tunnel

Posted by Looking for Answers on 5/12/05 at 10:40 (174821)

I had great success with yoga in healing a back that was constantly bearing down on me. In doing so I might have become 'too' athletic and developed either PF or Tarsal Tunnel or both. Severe burning in feet that has now become 'electrical shocks' in feet.

Allow me to add two questions for the price of one. With Tarsal tunnel I've gone from burning only in the arch to the electrical shocks and a vague almost burn all over the foot. Is movement from just the arch to the rest of the foot a sign of 'bad' progression?

I also have had numby electrical feeling in the hands and what feels like a trapped nerve up near the shoulder. Chiropractic adjustmenst lessened the problems in the hands. Could my back be the culprit for the tarsal tunnel as well? Compressed nerves in the spine not allowing a healthy nerve 'charge' to go out.

Just a question to the allmighty boards.

Re: Relationship of Back to Tarsal Tunnel

Jason on 5/12/05 at 13:45 (174835)

nerve pain near the armpits can be brachial plexes entrap.

Re: Relationship of Back to Tarsal Tunnel

Jeff S on 5/16/05 at 10:39 (175121)

Do you have a compressed nerve in your back? If so it is possible that you have what is called a 'double crush syndrome' You can do a search on this, simply said think of a hose with water running through it. If you step on the hose the flow of water would decrease, (this part being your spine with compressed nerve). Now if you were to step on it again the flow would stop because lack of pressure (this part being your foot) Treatment fix your back hope this helps. this is just a suggestion as to what you may have. ......... Jeff