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TTS in both FEET

Posted by Karen b on 5/12/05 at 12:46 (174829)

Rachel, My heart aches for you. I have it in both feet and had a really
difficult time getting a correct diagnosis. Mine is work related as I have been a teacher for 30 years. Also, walked for my health. I can relate to the anxiety and the lack of understanding on the doctor's part.
Have you tried getting fitted for orthodics. Also, I take Neurontin in the daytime and Elavil at night. Also, I am having anodyne treatment. I have had ten and they seem to be helping a little. Also, have you tried
Lidoderm patches. They may work for you. You may be able to get some medical assistance from say a local church. The 7th Day Adventist Church here has a clinic or maybe you could get help from the social worker at your local hospital. I understand and will pray for you. I believe that
as time passes, you will learn to accept and deal better. I did, but it
took me about a year and a half.