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question to Dr Z

Posted by fernando on 5/12/05 at 23:20 (174866)

besides pf i have a burning sensation in the ball of the foot, even when I'm not on my feet, they are constantly cold and I feel like I were walking on the bones ( in the ball of my feet ), could be this related with pf?/ my doctor says yes but I doubt it....thank you

Re: question to Dr Z

Dr. Z on 5/13/05 at 02:16 (174873)

Maybe . Sounds like a nerve type problem. Check out a neuroma or your lower back

Re: question to Dr Z

Ted on 5/14/05 at 00:54 (174972)

Hey Dr. Z. I have a similar problem. What is the neuroma and how should it be checked? By a chiro or Pod?? How is it addressed?

Recently after struggling with arch pain, my foot became really sore and tired after standing at work. I took to taping which seemed to really help, but now I'm having heel soreness (which I can't tell if it is from the taping or just my pf). However, my foot still seems to burn and is tired quickly. Is this due to my pf as well?? Nerve damage? I don't think I have anything else going on. Got tested for somethings at the doctors so I don't think it is a physical ailment.

Re: question to Dr Z

Dr. Z on 5/14/05 at 08:44 (174982)

A neuroma is a common problem that podiatrists see every day. Usually it is in between the 3rd and 4th toes . Burning is a big feature. Physical examination, sometimes ultasound are just some of the ways to make a diagnosis. A history and examination of the entire nerve pathways should also be included to make sure the problem is at the foot level and not the ankle up to the lower back. Another codition called Tarsal Tunnnel is something that should also be evaluated.

Re: question to Dr Z

fernando on 5/14/05 at 15:40 (175013)

thank you very much Dr Z for taking the time to answer my question....


Re: heel spurs

tim m. on 5/14/05 at 15:42 (175014)

Doctor, I am 53 years old, have jogged for years as well as played soccer for years. I have heel spurs on the back of my heels, to the extent that they have actually increased my shoe size by a half size. I have been told that they can be removed by lazer suurgery, my question is will this surgery in any way affect the Achilles tendons. I have every intention of seeking out a capable surgeon but would like to know what your thoughts are on the tendon aspect. thank you for your time.

Re: heel spurs

Dr. Z on 5/15/05 at 10:59 (175075)

There are many types of surgical procedures that are used for surgery on the back of the heel. Did anyone call your condition a haglunds deformity?
I am also not aware of any type of bone surgery where a laser is being used.
If the problem is is your achilles tendon then ESWT may be effective for your heel problem
Does your pain occur when you first get up in the morning after sitting for a period of time? Is this strictly a problem when you have shoes on ?