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Swollen foot

Posted by Debbie on 5/13/05 at 08:27 (174882)

I woke up one morning and had a swollen right foot/toes. It has now been about 2 years and still no one knows what it is from. Have been to 3 podiatrists, had several x-rays, wore a soft cast, hard cast ski boot, have had an MRI, bone scan and ultrasound. I have also been to 1 Rheumatologist, 1 Vascular doctor, 1 Orthopedic doctor, not to mention how many visits to my primary physician. I have also been to physical therapy.
Still not results. What do you suggest????

Re: Swollen foot

Ron on 5/17/05 at 07:57 (175171)

The only thing I can think of is going to a non-tradional therapist/healer/doctor. Your condition doesn't appear to be able to be diagnosed by tradional means. Like the new adage says: if the MRI can't detect it, it doesn't exist. :->

Here are some suggestions:

General Stretching with my favorite kind: Active Isolated Stretches.

I never really thought about what it's like to not know what's wrong. *At least* I know what's wrong with me, but I just don't know how to fix it, and it has become so disappionting that so many are in my boat.

I'd like to say that if it's not causing too many problems for ya', then just ignore it, but then again maybe not. ;->

Re: Swollen foot

AmyC on 5/18/05 at 07:48 (175228)

what about lymphedema??

Re: Swollen foot

messed up foot on 5/18/05 at 11:53 (175242)

Look on the Internet for therapists doing Manual Lymph Drainage. This is real therapy out of Europe and should be covered by your insurance company. It is time consuming and requires commitment from you to follow the massage and wrapping process but I have seen people with horribly swollen limbs return to normal size. Of course, not everyone responds the same way but it is worth a try if you actually have lymphedema. Ironically, I used to work arranging the therapy for others and now I need it myself.

Re: Swollen foot

liz J on 7/21/07 at 16:19 (233321)

My left foot has been swollen now for almost 10 years and no dr.s of any kind have ever been able to diagnose or treat my problem. Are you an athlete of any kind? My foot first became swollen during the soccer season and gets worse after prolonged standing and esecially if it gets hot. Please let me know what is going on with yours since I have never met anyone with the same strange problem.