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Posted by Steve on 5/13/05 at 13:20 (174917)

Has anyone tried accupuncture for PF and nerve pain? What did they do and did it help? Thanks in advance

Re: Accupuncture

Kristie on 5/13/05 at 20:09 (174957)

I tried Accupture after I had PF release surgery. I thought it helped a lot. I was keeping a pain calander and the listed on each day how I was feeling and what pain pills I told that day. It was really interesting that days that I had accuputure and or massage were the days that I took the last about of medication.

I didn't realieze it until I was looking at he calanders about a month and half into it. The accupunture realy did help.

I had to stop because my insurance changed and my new insurance company doesn't cover it. Otherwise I would still be going.

Hope it help you.