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Sesamoiditis - surgery

Posted by Trish P on 5/13/05 at 15:16 (174932)

I have sesamoiditis, both feet. It got so severe (terrible calluses, pain) that my podiatrist removed the one offending sesamoid bone in each foot, leaving the second. (I have had virtually no fat pads for years...since I was about 40.) NOW the second sesamoid bone in each foot is doing the same thing, callusing and causing great pain. I am sort of regretting having the surgery done (although I did have over a year of relatively pain-free walking)and wonder what I can do now to alleviate the problem, if anything. Is the new procedure for inserting gel implants successful? (My podiatrist says they don't stay where you put them.) Help!

Re: Sesamoiditis - surgery

Dr. Z on 5/13/05 at 15:51 (174943)

This is a very tough situation. My first impression is that overlaying metatarsal heads are in a plantar Flexed position. This means are they pointed too plantarly and placing pressure on the feet. I bet you have a high arched foot?

Re: Sesamoiditis - surgery

Liboralis on 5/15/05 at 07:34 (175067)

Dr Z is right. What type of orthotic did he give you and what is the cutout under your 1st like? It should have lots of soft padding under it and a higher portion under your 2 3 4 5 met head area. If he didnt do that then I would go somewhere else asap. What is the nearest major city near you?