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What worked for me...

Posted by Patches on 5/14/05 at 08:58 (174985)

I posted here a couple of months ago. I was commiserating with someone else and told them I'd write back if I had any luck. To give a quick background, I'm 38, female and used to run 3 miles a day until my pregnancy. I could not run during the pregnancy due to complications and consequently gained a lot of weight. I'm currently packing an extra 20 pounds on my 5' figure - ugg... After I had my baby I slowly started back into running and found myself sidelined by pf. I had the classic symptons of heel pain in the morning and it would especially be worse the morning after a run. Tried massage, wall stretches and rest - that only temporarily helped diminish the pain. Ok, so, I was desperate feeling like if I couldn't get rid of the pf I'd be fat forever. Searching the web I ran across the infrared heating pad ad - looked at many sites and finally ordered the Thermotex platinum (this particular one is a newer model and has a vibration feature). I was not cheap. Little over $225, I believe - ordered it from Canada. Now, I don't have a lot of money to blow - new baby and we are building a house BUT, like I said, I was desperate and didn't want to be a depressed, overweight mommy. I got the pad about a month ago. Tried it out - didn't seem too impressive. The heaters are hard boxes within a soft cushion so it's not flexible. To get the heat directly on my heel I pressed my foot against the pad which was pressed against the wall. It's a low heat and despite warnings not to do so I slept that way. It didn't work right away but now I genuinely feel A LOT better. Went for a run yesterday and this morning I got up and had no pain at all. I need to mention that I've also been using one of those circular foot stretchers before and after my run and also throughtout the day. I bought it on a whim for $20 at the Denver airport of all places...(Discovery Channel store, I think). I truly believe the combination of the two was the key. Ok, I also prayed about it too. And I wear Dansko clogs with a gel heel pad. I hope this helps someone - I know there are many variables to people and the sources of their pain. I had one doctor tell me that heat is contraindicted because the foot pain is part of an inflammation response - he had recommended ice or chilled golf balls - I like the doc but gambled with the heating pad because it is a low level heat and, frankly find icing unpleasant. I guess that's all I have. Good luck to everyone!

Re: What worked for me...

Ron on 5/27/05 at 19:17 (175819)

Sorry for such a late response.

I believe there's at least one doctor who recommends heat instead of ice. Heat will bring more blood flow to the foot, and consequently it could mean more healing power. This debate I don't think will ever end as to when to heat and when to ice.

I'm glad you're feeling better, but do you think that you're really cured?

I'll have to consider heat to my feet. I can't see how it can hurt.

Thanks for taking time to tell us your success!