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Anyone hear of/try Cyro Surgery?

Posted by karen on 5/14/05 at 12:38 (175002)

My mom told me about this one. Supposedly the surgery involves cutting a small slit in the heel site and inserting a tube that deivers a gas that freezes the area and kills the nerves in that area thus releiving pain.
If there is no cure for faciitis, I guess this may be considered pain management. I wonder about the other effexts on tissue, and from what I've read, nerves in this area can regenerate.

Re: Anyone hear of/try Cyro Surgery?

Tom on 5/14/05 at 12:59 (175003)

Just my opinion but I'd be wary of anything invasive like that - could result in permanent tissue damage (much like cortisone shots do long term). I'm no doc so take it as such.

Re: Anyone hear of/try Cyro Surgery?

Dr. Z on 5/14/05 at 13:23 (175007)

There are doctors using this technique. Use the heelspurs.com search engine for more information .

Re: Anyone hear of/try Cyro Surgery?

Karen on 5/14/05 at 18:25 (175034)

I hear that.