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deep point massage ?

Posted by Lawrie H on 5/14/05 at 23:16 (175050)

Background..62 years old male, Quad bi pass surgery in Dec.'97.A lot of walking in my work in safety boots. B.M.I.29.5(diet started)
This is my 2nd episode of PF The 1st lasted approx.6mths and went away after 1.stopped my walking 8 klm per day
3.injection in heel
4.changed to bicycle for exercise

This episode of PF is much worse,and came about after my exercise was stopped because of a busted finger and then bike collapse.So the wounds healing and a new bike I started riding with gusto,and to my supprise The PF was back with a vengance.
So this time I've found this web site of which I rate highly.
I first tried the stretching exercises But not religously,with no ease,Last week I saw a podiatrist who taped my rt. foot said leave on 3 days,do calf exercises,and spoke of A$400.inserts.Since I've had my worst pain ever mainly rt. foot and leg
So,in 'the book' deep massage is said to be harmful,can you tell me If anyone has used or heard of Using a GOLF BALL I was told 2nd hand, to place the golf ball on the floor & find the most painful spot on the heel & using a 1 to 10 scale massage the golf ball to an 8 pain in pain scale,hold for 30 sec. to 1 min. combined with same exercises in 'the book'

So is this good bad or what?

thanks for the great website,yours Lawrie H.

Re: deep point massage ?

Karen on 5/15/05 at 00:10 (175052)

I don't think 'The book' say massage is harmful does it?
There is a technique offere by Dr. Kiper on his website: using hands http://www.drkiper.com/exercises.asp

Also I've been reading up on ART therapy.which is very deep/and painful.
the theory behind the golf ball seems to coincide with these others, they all say it has to hurt for it to work. What happens if you press down on the golf ball and it slips? I'm not sure I would be able to self inflict, without fearing I might be do some harm, but that's just me and my 2 bits
hope this helps, good luck!

Re: deep point massage ?

Lawrie H on 5/16/05 at 03:27 (175115)

Thanks Karen, under the heading in 'the book'The Most Frequently Harmful Treatments.....'DEEP MASSAGE' is 3rd on the list and my enquiry was, did the golf ball treatment come in the DEEP MASSAGE category and has anyone heard of or tried it
Lawrie H

Re: deep point massage ?

sarah g on 5/19/05 at 14:39 (175327)

my person recommends a tennis ball. i'm not sure how much it helps, but it definitely feels good while i'm doing it!