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Posted by karen on 5/15/05 at 09:09 (175070)

It seems to me that the basic premiss is the same for the two different treatments. They both aim break up scar tissue to instigate a regeneration process. Am I correct?

Personally I think I would drather have the hands-on type, finding the ahhesions, than a tech guessing a the correct locations based on your pain level.

My pain does not move exactly, but increases & spreads after more activity, so maybe I am not a good candidate for ESWT. Is it true you have to be able to push on the painful spot to acuurately treat w/EWST? If your pain spread like mine, should walk around the day before so I know it'll hurt more?

Also I have seen alot of dissapointed folks long term after EWST.
Are there any more ART experiences out there?

THanks Karen

Re: ART vs EWST?

Ted on 5/15/05 at 10:30 (175071)

When I was having problems w/ Carpel tunnel which really was a just overstressing the muscles in my arms, I used a myofacial release on myself and controlled this. ART is a type of myofcial release. I have only recently been going to an ART practioner and doing massaging twice a day on myself along with icing. This along with taping has really helped in relieving the PF tissue under my foot from being so tight. I thought it would never be at rest again.

However, I do still need to wear orthotics and be careful. I'm having some different issues with the taping and footware. Nevertheless, the ART type of massage and taping has done wonders. It is worth a try and stick with it. Give it a chance to work.

Re: ART vs EWST?

karen on 5/15/05 at 14:46 (175088)

Thanks it sounds hopeful.