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Is Neurontin safe?

Posted by Michelle M on 5/15/05 at 13:01 (175082)

I went to a neurologist last week who prescribed me neurontin for nerve pain in my left foot. The precription is to slowly ramp up to 600 mg/day (200 mg 3X/day). I am pretty nervous about taking this medicine. Is it safe? Are there things to worry about? Do I really need to worry about seizures?

The doctor also wants to redo my NCV/EMG to help with my diagnosis (they still aren't sure its TTS or Baxter's nerve entrapment or something else enturely). Can I be on neurontin when they do this test or will it interfere with the results?

Thanks for any advice,
Michelle M

Re: Is Neurontin safe?

Debbie on 5/15/05 at 18:41 (175105)

I am not sure how safe neurontin is but I am now up to 2700 mgs a day. Only side effects i have had is being drowsy. It has not helped me much with my pain. I have diabetes and have neuropathy and also TTS in both feet. I had a PSSD test and I was on the meds at the time. I wish you well, as I know to well how pain in the feet hurts! I don't think you have to worry about seizures unless you come off to quick. You have to taper off I think. Sorry I am of no more help.

Re: Is Neurontin safe?

Kris on 5/15/05 at 21:51 (175109)

Debbie- I saw that you had neuropathy and tts - by chance do you have a lot of days where you just can't walk?

I have tts in both feet, and some underlying neuropathy - cause unknown right now - I'll almost bet I'll turn up diabetic when they get these new tests back though.

I just can't do much of ANYTHING lately. I just don't know if it is normal or not to be THIS incapacitated by your darn feet!

Re: Is Neurontin safe?

Kara on 5/16/05 at 15:52 (175137)

I am not sure how safe neurontin is, but I was on the highest dose for about a month a year ago. The only side effects I felt were drowsiness and depression. Just make sure to discuss any side effects you have with your doctor.

Re: Is Neurontin safe?

Debbie on 5/16/05 at 17:11 (175145)

You know, I walk all day for my job, I am a customer service manager at a LARGE retail super center and it's about to kill me. I have a high pain tolerance but lately, it's so hard to get thru my day, but I can not afford to quit work. I have had diabetes for 30 yrs, insulin dependant of course. I got diabetes at age 19. I am at a loss as to what else to do, but pray. I hurt so bad, and no one understands. I wish you the very best. Keep posting please. I hope that you do not have to walk for your job. God Bless.

Re: Is Neurontin safe?

Kris on 5/17/05 at 01:38 (175166)

Oh, I understand. Now, don't get me wrong, its not EVERY day that I can't walk - just maybe 4 or 5 out of 7!

I quit back in November. I just couldn't do it anymore. My job was a deskjob, but sitting down for a long period of time is as bad as standing all day to me.

The best thing I do is try to pace myself - no more than 15 or 20 minutes standing OR sitting. If I watch a movie, I make myself stand up several times during it. Otherwise, when I do stand up, my feet just don't work,and I get the hot pokers in the sides of them.

I try to sell on ebay some to help out. We're pretty broke though. I had got a part time job, but of course the day I was to start I could not walk AT ALL.

I have to live life around deFEET.

Re: Is Neurontin safe?

Debbie on 5/17/05 at 12:10 (175184)

I have to live life around deFEET.
Oh to funny! Humor is good.
I do disagree that sitting is as bad as walking all day or standing. I walk 12-15 miles a day in my job and only get to sit at my lunch time. When you have a sit down job,(which I have had) you can at least stand some and walk around but I do not have the option of sitting at all. The 2 days a week I am off and get off them some, they feel A LITTLE better. I am not complaining mind you, the good Lord has been good to me. Bad feet no matter what job we have is no fun for sure. The doc asked me a few weeks ago if I had the option of a sit down job at work and of course in retail there are no sit down jobs at all unless you have a office job, which is only a few in a store and those who get them, do not give them up easy, so I am stuck right now.
I know those hot poker feelings. They hurt so bad. I hate the bees all over my feet stinging them feeling also.
Thanks for listening. I wish you the best in your ebay endeavors! I hope they come up with something soon to help us both, all of us with these painful feet.

Re: Is Neurontin safe?

Debbie on 5/17/05 at 12:12 (175185)

You know Kara, I have been getting depressed lately, wonder if it is the neurontin? I thought it was the pain. Thanks!
You still take neurontin or is there something else helping you?

Re: Is Neurontin safe?

Margie on 5/18/05 at 07:53 (175229)

I was taking neurontin about a year ago and I became very depressed, suicidal. I was thinking it was just the chronic pain I am suffered with. Then I saw a warning on T.V. about neurontin causes depression, susicide attempts, ect. I stopped taking it at once. Now my doctor prescripted me an anti-depressant for a couple of months then I started back on neurontin. I know what to look for if I start having those depressing thoughts again. And I do know medicines affect everyone different. This is just my experience.

Re: Is Neurontin safe?

karen h on 5/18/05 at 18:11 (175279)

You can't imagine how I am feeling right now after finding this website. I have been going through hell for several years now, with the problem gradually getting worse and worse. My GP thought I had plantar fasciatis, but that was wrong. I went to a neurologist who said I have neuopathy, but could offer no explanation. I insisted on being tested for TT. He told me that I had a slight nerve problem, and put me on neurontin. I am taking 600mg a day (my mom has the same problem and her doctor told her that more than 600 mg a day was a waste of pills - the body can only handle so much and it eliminates the rest). That was over a year ago. I can't say the neurontin does anything for me, but I'm afraid to stop taking it for fear it maybe really is helping and the pain will get worse. I can't sleep as it is.
I finally consulted a podiatrist who has experience with TT. We have reviewed my history (which includes some very expensive orthodics), done some more nerve conduction tests, and I have decided to go ahead and get my right foot operated on (there is permanent nerve damage....a result of my 'suffering with it' for so long).
It's nice to know that there are people out there that understand what this feels like and what I go through. When I try to explain it to people, they respond with things like 'Oh, so your feet hurt', and look at me like I am crazy.
Has anyone had the surgery? I am reading a lot about recovery time (everything from weeks to months) and am wondering what to expect (I work full time).

Re: Is Neurontin safe?

Kara on 5/18/05 at 22:55 (175305)

I am not taking neurontin anymore. I had the release surgery in December 2003. It has been the best thing that I have done. You must make that decision with your doctor and mainly for yourself. I saw 12 doctors, 2 med students, and a physical therapist in less than a year. No one knew what to do for me. One doctor said that I should just be on pain management for the rest of my life...and this was said to me when I was 19 years old. I couldn't live with that. Recovery took about a year or so...but I still feel like I am recovering at times. If you choose to do the surgery, make sure you find a great doctor. I hope everything works out for you and that the pain eventually goes away.

Re: Is Neurontin safe?

me on 6/04/05 at 13:22 (176118)

Karen H, Thank God I read your message! It sounds like I could have wrote it myself. I too have read all of the horror stories about the surgery and have been living with this awful pain for awhile. The same as you, I now have severe nerve damage. I have an appointment with my podiatrist Monday 6/6/05 to decide what to do. To tell you the truth, I think I've had enough and I'm going to have the surgery too. Hopefully everything will be okay for the both of us. My DR. is very good and optimistic about the procedure. He was trained by a pioneer in this disease from John Hopkins University Hospital in Baltimore MD. and says he has great success. I told him about all of the horror stories I have read and he has read them to. He had a good point, there isn't a control group and a bunch of different DR's are doing the procedure. I'm like you, I take 2700mg of Nuerotin a day and I don't think it helps but I'm afraid to stop taking it. My DR. says that after the surgery, the pain medicine intake is greatly reduced because the pain that is there is post operative and not the terrible TT pain. It would be so nice not to pop a handful of pills all day long. I take ULTRASET like it is chocolate coverd candy!Let me know how your surgery goes and God bless you.