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How long does PF take to fix?

Posted by Bob on 5/16/05 at 17:58 (175148)

I am pretty sure that i have a textbook case of PF, except that i am only 16 (i have been diagnosed), and i was wondering if anybody who has a textbook case could tell me how long their recovery was?

Re: How long does PF take to fix?

Ron on 5/16/05 at 22:25 (175160)

It's pretty unusual to have someone as young as you to have PF. I'd get a second opinion on this one. Hopefully you have insurance (most young people do) and get an MRI or something similar for an exact diagnosis.

Do you lift? Do you run? Are your calves naturally tight (and probably large)? Are you overweight? All these things could be the cause of PF, but being so young is a tough one to accept.

And to tell you how long the recovery is, it's different in each case. Some get over it in a month, some never. I would say that if you are experiencing problems at such a young age, I'd learn everything I could about this disease and plan to stretch and excercise your whole life. You *do not* want to deal with this problem for any length of time.

I nearly thought I was going to deal with this forever, but lately I've been using active-isolated stretches (AIS) to overcome it.

Good Luck.

Re: How long does PF take to fix?

Tina H on 5/17/05 at 15:47 (175197)

Ron, Apparently it's not that unusual. The day my daughter saw the foot orthopod, I made the same comment, and he said actually he sees a lot of teenagers, she was the third that day. (This was the second opinion)

Bob, Usually when someone gets it your age it's due to a structural issue unfortunately. Do you have very high arches or perhaps flat feet? It's very hard for a teenager to have this and I sympathize. My daughter is only 14 and has it in both of her feet due to very high arches. If you have high arches you should be helped by wearing proper shoes and supports. I know teenagers don't want to wear geeky looking sneakers all the time, but you need to resolve this before it becomes a life long problem. Another possibility is wearing Birkenstoc sandles which are 'in' at the moment. They are expensive but they've helped my daughter and she likes getting a break from the sneaker look. If you've been told by a doctor that you have a high arch ask for the high arch Birkenstocs, I think they are called Tatami. Good luck and don't hesitate to ask specific questions here. If your insurance will cover orthotics they would be worth trying. I hope you have someone helping you get through this. Keep us posted and ask questions! Tina H

Re: How long does PF take to fix?

John H on 5/18/05 at 09:22 (175235)

Young people with PF who are diagnosed early have a better than 90% chance of a complete cure with proper conservative care. As Ron notes get a second opinion as it is most important to know what you are dealing with and to establish a good program for recovery. I can think of nothing more important than seeing a good Doctor who understands the problem from the get go.

Re: How long does PF take to fix?

Bob on 5/20/05 at 05:34 (175347)

Thanks everyone, ill try to get my mom to get a second opinion.