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TTS or PF or Both?????

Posted by Jerkiegirl on 5/18/05 at 14:48 (175252)

My problem started Last June/July in both heals but I let the problem slide until Jan/Feb of this year when my left heal was so bad I was taking Vicodin to ease the pain enough to sleep at night. Went to GP and he told me it was PF. He gave me streching exercises to do, anti inflam.(Mobic) and more pain meds. He also told me to use ice or heat(which ever felt better to me. Within the week I was in more pain and was refered to pod. He also told me that it was PF and to continue pretty much the same way. After about a month he put me on an oral steriod(I'm a needle chicken) and when that had not helped I went in for the shot. I told him then that my toes (pinkie and one next to it) were tingling and painful. He set up appointment for a Orthopaedic spec. to do a Nerve conduction velocity test (I think that's the name). He gave me the shot and my heal did stop hurting but the toes and my arch began to really hurt. I did the NCV test on Friday and the Ortho. said I have TTS. I'm really confused as to what will be next. The Ortho acted like he would be doing surgery next if I were in his care but he said maybe my pod. might have other options. I have an appointment on Wed. but I am seeking answers and options at this point. Is it possible to have both TTS and PF at the same time or does one cause the other or are they two seperate problems? Is surgery my next step? I've also had orthoics for my shoes but wearing shoes is not very pleasant. Is that a symptom? Also, I'm now taking darvocet for pain but it really is not doing the job. Is there nothing I can do to get out of pain completely?
Sorry so long. Any help would be so welcome and appreciated. It's nice to know there are others that have ben there, done that....

Re: TTS or PF or Both?????

chris on 5/18/05 at 15:50 (175258)

Wow you sound alot like me although I only had pf/tts in one foot.

I am by no means an expert on this and you will find lots of great information from the folks here.

my quick version: heel pain started in Jan '00 went to GP given shot and motrin. Referred to Pod given various diferent non surgical treatments. Sent to ortho in Aug - given all the same treatments I had with the Pod (still thinking all I had was pf.

Sometime in Sept ortho called asked me some questions, scheduled me for nerve test came out positive. Next thing I know the ortho ssays - tts and surgery is the only option.

I did not know about this board then and probably shoudl have asked alot more questions before having surgery, but I trusted the doc.

Thank fully, my surgery was successfully (Nov '00) and I reamin pain free in the foot to this day.

Re: TTS or PF or Both?????

Ed Davis, DPM on 5/18/05 at 15:59 (175262)

What was in the shot? If the issue is scar tissue, the main ingredient may be hyaluronidase as it has virtually no side effects and can be repeated. Also, I would consider phonophoresis and iontophoreis, which are physical therpay modalities. Dr. Sanfilippo has has success with ART (please do a search).

Re: TTS or PF or Both?????

Jerkiegirl on 5/18/05 at 16:42 (175272)

We do sound a lot alike. Thankfully I'm not having real problems in my right foot(not sure it isn't do to the problem w/ the other foot). I'm a little iffy about surgery due to the fact that I have three small children(ages 2,4, and 6)and am not sure what life would be like trying to give them the care they need and recover too. I do stay at home w/ them, so a job isn't an issue but I am on duty for them 24/7: ) As it is, I'm not able to do half what I was doing this time last year because of pain, so surgery might not be that much worse than what is going on now. Also, I'm thinking that it would be nice, if I do need surgery , to do it soon, so that I have the summer to recover before school starts again for the kids. Was recovery terrible? Would you do it again or try to find other methods?
Thanks so much for the reply.....I'll keep on searching.....

Re: TTS or PF or Both?????

Jerkiegirl on 5/18/05 at 16:50 (175273)

I believe that it was cortasone(sorry spl). This was done before I found out about the TTS, so is there another shot that can be used? I will research your suggestions. Thanks so much.

Re: TTS or PF or Both?????

Ed Davis, DPM on 5/18/05 at 19:45 (175284)

Cortisone is not selective in the tissue it destroys. Hyalurondiase only dissolves scar tissue.

Re: TTS or PF or Both?????

chris on 5/23/05 at 08:14 (175522)

Sorry for the delay in responding, I was out of town.

I would do surgery again, if the non-surgerical procedures did not work. Recently, I started with some minor morning pain in my other foot, but streching and flexing before getting out of bed seems to have helped - but I am watching for symptomes I had before.

Recovering wasn't all that bad - just long. My kids were a bit older and in school so I was able to stay home and relax and stay off my foot. That is very imporatant for recovery.

It probably took a good 6 months before I was completely recovered.